Spiritual Sunday- Bible Study Bag

Spiritual Sunday- Bible Study Bag

Recently, I’ve realized that my prayer life and knowledge of my faith are kind of lacking.  I decided to make some goals to remedy this.

1. Intention List: I’d like to keep track of the intentions that I say I’ll pray for (through a conversation, text, Facebook post, or any other means). I’d like to remember to actually pray for people, instead of just saying I will and forgetting by the end of the day.

2. Daily Prayer Message: Every day I’d like to choose a Facebook friend and send them a message saying that I’m praying for them for anything that may be going on in their lives.  This may be something specific that I know is going on or just offering general prayers being sent their way for any intentions they may have.

3. Bible Study: I’d like to take time out at least once a week to follow a Bible reading plan. I want to underline, highlight, take notes and put tabs on pages of my Bible.  I want to learn about my faith.  I also want to do some journaling with it.

In light of my goals, I’ve put together some items that I need to make them “doable”.

1. The Bible.  I’m currently in the process of putting those fancy gold tabs into the pages so I can find the books easier, but in the moving process they were misplaced so that project is kind of at a standstill.


2. The journal.  I bought this journal a few years ago at Walgreens after a Women’s Conference I attended with the ladies in Joseph’s family.  I’ve been using it for devotional journaling and general prayer journaling.  I now have pages devoted to keeping track of intentions (and how the prayers have been answered) and my Facebook Prayer Messages.  I also do my Bible study journaling in here now.


3. The hardware.  I’m currently writing with black ink for my journaling but I’m using the colored pens to underline on the Bible pages and make underlines and circles to accent important ideas that I have while writing in the journal.  The colored tape I used on my Facebook Prayer Messages and Prayer Intention pages to mark a line between what I was praying for and how the message was received/how the prayer was answered.  Right now I’m storing them in a simple SUPER CLASSY plastic sandwich bag.  I’m on the lookout for a cute little pencil case or little clutch that will match the bag. (As I mentioned in my Menu Planning Station post on Friday, I’m anal matchy :P)


4. The bag.  I picked up this bag on my most recent Goodwill shopping trip.  It was only $2.99 and fits everything I need for my Bible study inside of it.  It unfortunately doesn’t clasp, since my journal is too big, so next time I need a journal I’ll take that into consideration.  Junebug was TOTALLY fascinated by the cords that make up the handle.  She was super busy this evening trying to separate them all and had her fingers all sorts of twisted up.  What a kid.  ❤

CELL PHONE 4.10.15 631

Here’s the inside look of my bag!  Maybe once I get a little more comfortable with my journaling I’ll show you a page out of my journal so you can see what that looks like.  It is still very much so a work in progress.  I love having everything together now so that I can just grab my bag and have all of my tools right at my fingertips whenever I have a moment.  Momma life is all about convenience- having things put together really makes life a whole lot easier, at least for me!!!

CELL PHONE 4.10.15 635

What are some things that you do for Bible study or journaling?  I’m always up for new ideas to keep things fresh and new so that I stay interested!  Even though this idea is only about a week new!


2 thoughts on “Spiritual Sunday- Bible Study Bag

  1. Love the prayer intention list. I was just thinking i needed a actually read the Bible more, versus a spiritual book. I like the once a week goal, seems doable. I actually just go a cute coral bag last night on clearance at Old Navy, i think i will use your idea and put my bible/ prayer stuff in it. I need to work on all those things too….so no ideas, unless i get super inspired or enlightened. Actually one thing, i set my phone timer during my prayer time so im not distracted by checking the time or being late for work or FB. Some days it works bdtter than others…lol.

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