Make It Monday: Baking Soda Play Dough

Make It Monday: Baking Soda Play Dough

As a momma, I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to keep my active toddler engaged in play.  There have been far too many days where we have turned to shows to entertain or keep Junebug busy so that we can get something accomplished.  I have multiple boards on Pinterest dedicated to entertaining my toddler…  I need to start pulling from them more frequently!

Today, Junebug and I decided that it was time to make some new play dough.  The last stuff we made was in December, and would probably have still been good, but hubby needed it to stabilize a bird feeder project he was working on.  So, I tried finding my tried and true play dough recipe from my daycare days.  No luck.  I turned to Pinterest, as usual, and found a new recipe to try out from, Baking Soda Play Dough.

We were missing an ingredient, which we also needed for dinner, so after a quick trip to the grocery store after Junebug’s nap, we got started!

The recipe itself only calls for 4 ingredients:  Baking soda- 2 cups, Corn Starch- 1 cup, Oil- 1 tbsp and Water- 1 1/2 cups


We chose to use the classic food dyes to color our dough, though in the original post she said she used the Wilton Gel Icing Colors.  I’ve used those for frosting before and LOVE them since they don’t seem to water down your frosting as much as the traditional food colors do, but my momma has those in her decor stash, so we made do.  I ended up loving the colors that we got using only about 5 drops for each color.


Mix all the ingredients together in a medium sauce pot, over medium heat.  Stir until it starts to thicken up and become sticky.  Remove from heat, cover and allow to cool.

Junebug LOVES to be a helper, so I put her up on the countertop to help me stir the mixture.  We take these moments to teach kitchen safety- (“The stove is hot, keep your fingers on the spatula, please.”)  She stirred until it started sticking together and then momma took over.


We let the dough cool for a while until it was cool enough to work with, and then kneaded it until it was smooth.


We have been enjoying reading the books Pinkalicious and Purplicious today, so we decided to color our dough pink and purple. Normally, we probably would have chosen green, since that seems to be Junebug’s favorite color these days.


Check in tomorrow, where Junebug gets to play with her new play dough!  I’m excited to see how it works out for her and how long it holds up.  My normal recipe lasts for months!

Update: roughly 2 weeks later, we pulled out this play dough to do some outdoor play, and it was moldy. I will definitely be finding my original recipe and will do another post to give you guys a recipe that will last longer.  What a bummer it was for Junebug to not be able to play with play dough!!!!  One sad kiddo.  Thankfully, crayons were an acceptable substitute!



3 thoughts on “Make It Monday: Baking Soda Play Dough

    1. Normally it doesn’t, its just this recipe. My normal one is flour and cream of tartar, which we don’t have in the pantry right now either. I debated if I should get it, but needed corn starch for dinner anyway (which I forgot to add!!! Oops) so I thought I’d try a new kind!


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