Frugal Friday: Baby Clothes

Frugal Friday: Baby Clothes

Hi Friends!  So happy you’ve joined me today!  If you missed in my intro post, we are anticipating the birth of our second blessing, Pumpkin, in early October.  We plan to be surprised with baby’s gender again, like we were with our Junebug.

Junebug was born in June (clever nickname :P) so no matter what gender our new baby will be, we needed to get new clothes to prepare for either gender.  Wisconsin fall can be quite chilly, and we wouldn’t be able to get away with putting new baby in all of Junebug’s cute little summer dresses.

My favorite spots to shop for kiddo clothes are rummage sales and online Facebook sales pages.  Last week, hubby and I met up with a nice girl off of a Facebook sales page in our area and went through her totes of newborn clothes.  (She had 3 more totes of 0-3 month clothes that we decided not to go through until baby is here)


We ended up getting more boy stuff than girl, only because we haven’t looked through Junebug’s stuff to see if she had anything that would work for Pumpkin.


I’ll have to look through our girl totes before I start going to rummage sales this summer so I don’t over buy.

We ended up getting 7 fleece sleepers, a cotton sleeper, 10 onesies, 6 pairs of pants, 4 long sleeve shirts, 2 hats and 2 outfits for $40 total.  It comes out to $1.25 per piece. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this haul, but will probably end up getting a few more items.  Junebug was in newborn clothes for about 6 weeks because she was just a teeny little thing.

Other favorite places for me to get clothes for my kiddos are Goodwill, thrift stores and Once Upon a Child.  I’m also dabbling in making Junebug clothing myself!  Now that we live in a small town, I don’t have much access to these types of stores unless I’m doing a big shopping trip to one of the bigger cities around us.  I’m praying that rummage sales will pop up around here.  It’s so fun to come across a couple while we’re out on our walks during the day and find some fun treasures!


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