Toddler Tuesday: Color Sorting with Ball Pit Balls

Toddler Tuesday: Color Sorting with Ball Pit Balls

Today’s activity comes from Pinterest, of course!  I adapted the idea from this momma here:

Over the past couple nights I’ve worked after Junebug has gone to bed (because frankly, if I color with markers in her presence, we get a feisty little one 😛 )

To make our Color Sorting Board, I gathered some materials I had on hand and purchased a tri fold board from the dollar tree.  It’s amazing what you can get there for just a dollar!


I used a pencil to trace a mid sized bowl six times in the middle section of the tri fold board.  I tried to space them evenly, but I was off a bit on the bottom two.


Next I traced around the circles with colored markers.  It didn’t come out as well as I hoped- coloring on corrugated cardboard is not super fun, but it worked out.

I then wrote the name of each coordinating color along the side and used a knife to cut out the holes.  I advise doing this portion of the project over a safe surface and not your lap… not that I learned from experience 😉


Hubby found 3 bags of ball pit balls on clearance after Christmas a couple years ago at Fleet Farm.  Junebug got a activity turtle that held ball pit balls, which was a big hit for both her, the little guy I used to babysit, and unfortunately, the dog.  Each bag had 100 ball pit balls.  I took out about half the balls from the bag and put them into a basket for Junebug to grab from.  The bag had pink balls in it, so I had to make sure to take those out since I didn’t make a color hole for pink.

DSCN1202 DSCN1212

Last night, after I finished up the game, I left it in the living room set up so she would see it when we woke up in the morning.  She definitely took the invitation!  As I was letting Lux outside, I heard Junebug yelling “Woah!” and “Wow!” from the living room.  By the time I came into the living room, she had several balls scattered around the living room.  We played together and talked about the color of the balls and the holes.  We worked together to put the balls through the correct holes.  She definitely didn’t get them right every time, but she’s getting really good at saying the colors and most of the time is able to correctly identify the colors!

DSCN1214  DSCN1218

Here’s Junebug exploring with our game after breakfast this morning 🙂


She was so excited every time she got one in right!  I’d yell “YES!” and give her high fives and her smile would be a mile wide.  I have a feeling this game will be requested a lot.

In the initial post that I got the idea from, the momma had her kiddo paint paper and she cut those out to be the colored circles around the holes.  I may possibly spruce it up with some better looking circles.  Junebug loves to paint, so I’m sure she would enjoy helping me with that!  The original post also used beanbags, which could be a fun variation once I get around to making some beanbags!

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s post about how I menu plan!

xoxo Megan


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