Spiritual Sunday: Prayer Sticks and Theology of the Body

Spiritual Sunday: Prayer Sticks and Theology of the Body

Part 1: Prayer Sticks

I’ve been loving the joy that praying for others has been bringing to our lives lately, especially little Junebug.  I sat with her yesterday while dinner was in the oven and we went through family and friends and prayed for each one individually for intentions that we knew they needed prayers for or prayed for intentions that we thought of.  She got the greatest kick out of me suggesting new people to pray for and she would decide if she wanted to pray for that person next or if she wanted me to make a new suggestion.  She’s got her own bold little mind!  Her personal favorites to pray for are Boompa (my dad), Puppa (Joseph’s dad) and Uncle John (Joseph’s younger brother).  So cute!!!

I sometimes struggle to come up with new names or with remembering who we’ve already prayed for in our litany’s, so I decided to turn to an idea that I had found on Pinterest a while back.  Here’s the original post: http://www.lubirdbaby.com/2011/12/prayer-pail-update.html

The idea was a Prayer Pail, essentially a container full of prayer intentions to choose from.  The momma that I got the idea from wrote on jumbo craft sticks with colorful markers and put the sticks into a metal pail labeled “Prayer Pail” and decorated the handle with colored ribbons!  How cute!

I decided to do a spin off, and used what I assume to have been a glass candle holder (Goodwill find), washi tape, jumbo craft sticks and permanent marker.

DSCN1219edit DSCN1220edit DSCN1222edit

I spent some time writing down family members, friends and some prayer intentions that our family could pray for together.  My plan is to bring our prayer sticks out before mealtimes and to include an intention after our traditional meal prayer.


(Yes, I did this with a glass of FAKE wine…  I miss real stuff :/ )

I did decorate the sticks in the colors that I was hoping to decorate Junebug and Pumpkin’s room once we get around to getting Junebug a toddler bed and putting the crib wall back up on the crib Junebug is currently using as a bed.  I’m hoping to keep these in their room and also use them for bedtime prayers!


Here are some of our prayer intentions:


Right now our prayer sticks are living up on our religious shelf, sitting next to our bowl of Rosaries…  You know you’re Catholic when you not only have Rosaries, but have enough to fill a bowl in case friends are over and you want to pray together 😉


Part 2: Theology of the Body

Friday night I went with some friends to a young adult event put on by our diocese.  They brought in Christopher West, author and speaker on the topic of Theology of the Body.

What a blessing it was to be able to hear him speak!!!  I’ve only ever gotten through the first few pages of his “Theology of the Body for Beginners” book, because the book would get lost or another new book would spark my interest.  I can see it sitting on our bookshelf right now, and let me tell you, that is the book I’m going to be reading tonight!  If you’ve never heard of Theology of the Body before, it is Pope Saint John Paul II’s teachings regarding human sexuality and the true design for the human body as God created us.  I was so inspired to delve deeper into TOB and to discover more about the words that JPII spoke to us. Once I get further into TOB, maybe I’ll do another post, but I just wanted to share how much I loved hearing Christopher West speak.  I ended up purchasing another one of his books while I was there and I’m looking forward to getting into that book as well!

xoxo Megan


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