Make It Monday: Izzy Top

Make It Monday: Izzy Top

Today’s Make It Monday features the beautiful Izzy Top!  This top is the only pattern I’ve adventured with so far with making clothes for our lovely Junebug.  It’s simple, but so cute!!!  I’ve got more patterns printed, and I have a dress pattern cut out, but haven’t started it yet.

I’ve made a couple of these tops for Junebug already and I’m so in love with how adorable they are on her.  She loves helping me choose the fabric to use and gets the biggest kick out of putting it on for the first time!  When I put the top on her today, she said she looked like a “cess”, which is her version of princess.  ❤  How can a momma not just absolutely fall in love with making clothes for her kiddo when she says she looks like a princess!?!

I got the pattern and followed the tutorial for the Izzy top from the blog, Climbing the Willow, here:

She has a wonderfully detailed tutorial with photos that you can follow to make the Izzy Top!

Here are the Izzy Tops I’ve already made for Junebug.  The heart one I made for her Valentine’s day party for Storytime at the library.  The yellow floral one was the first one I made, upcycled out of a vintage pillow case!


Junebug wore the heart top for our pregnancy announcement as well 🙂

Without any further ado, here are the pictures of the finished Izzy Top that I sewed up today (during Junebug’s naptime)

DSCN1245edit DSCN1246edit

 (Front on left, back on right- features a snap closure on the bodice)

Here are the photos of Junebug putting the new top on for the first time.

DSCN1249edit DSCN1248edit

All of the Izzy Tops that I’ve made have been 2T.  The pattern ranges from 18 months- 6.  It fits pretty true to size 🙂  Somehow I got a weird tuck in the back that I’ll probably try to go back and fix so it lays correctly.  Junebug woke up just as I was trimming off all the extra threads and putting on the snap, so I wasn’t able to take the seam ripper to it.

I’m thinking the next time I make an Izzy Top, I may experiment and try to make it a bit longer, into a dress.  We want to keep Junebug’s summer wardrobe modest, even at almost 2, we’re trying not to dress her in dresses and tops with thin straps, especially for when we go to Mass.  I struggle to find summery dresses that don’t have thin straps on them, and I love the bodice of this top so much that it’s worth a shot to see if it’ll work for a dress!


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