Thankful Thursday: Beautiful Weather and Toddler Wearing

Thankful Thursday: Beautiful Weather and Toddler Wearing

Today, I am thankful for the beautiful weather we have been having lately. This morning Junebug and I took Lux out on a walk and played outside after nap time. She is such an outdoorsy kiddo, so its such a blessing to have a warm, sunny day for her to play in. (Not that the rain slowed her down a bit on Tuesday!)


I’m also thankful for my woven wraps and other baby carriers! Without these helpful items, many things would go undone in our home. I can’t wait to have Pumpkin so I have a teeny baby to wear, its been so long!!! This was how we looked this morning on our walk 🙂


Wearing Junebug helps me to be more free during the day. Sometimes she just wants to be by me and snuggle and sit on my lap. With the amount of things I need to get done during the day, this sometimes isn’t possible, but she loves to “wrap a baby up” on my back and get things done with me 🙂 Wrapping also solves the rough nap days most of the time! I love being hands free to get things done throughout the day.  They have been well worth the investment! Hubby has been super supportive of babywearing from the get go and will wear Junebug if I help him get her wrapped up or into the Ergo. What a great guy!!!

The wrap in the photo is a Lenny Lamb Norwegian Diamonds. This is my one and only purpose made wrap and it is so comfy!

Toddler Tuesday: Tube Painting

Toddler Tuesday: Tube Painting

Today, Junebug requested to go outside after nap and to paint.  I thought she may like to paint outside so we got to do both!  We were confined to the porch since it was starting to rain, but we have a porch that wraps around the front of our home so we were protected from the rain for the most part!  Awesome!

A couple weeks ago I got an amazing art print for my birthday from my amazing sister in law!!  It came in a cardboard tube and I saved it to do marble painting!

Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 744edit

We used some blue and white finger paint and some marbles (although I definitely recommend using round marbles vs the flat ones… I couldn’t find any small round balls that would fit inside the tube).  I thought the blues would make a good rain painting, since it was raining out 🙂  I just dropped a small amount of paint onto the paper inside the tube and then had Junebug drop the marbles in.  I closed it up for her and let her go wild.

Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 745edit

Junebug shook, rolled and kicked the tube around on the porch.  I helped her shake it a bit towards the end.

Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 747editMegan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 749edit

We opened the tube up and I revealed her painting.  While she liked it, she remained unconvinced that she actually painted and insisted upon finger painting afterwards.  What a kid. 🙂

Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 750edit Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 753edit

Here’s a sneak peak of a post I’ll be making in a couple weeks, as it takes quite a while to make.  Junebug had a blast helping me gather these dandelions out in the yard in the rain!

Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 756edit Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 755edit

Toddler Tuesday: America Sensory Beans

Toddler Tuesday: America Sensory Beans

Make It Monday was our awesome new American Flag Vase that is totally rocking it on our entertainment center (/fireplace mantle haha)  and Junebug was SUPER excited about the beans we used to create the stripes of our “flag”.

With the leftover beans I created a sensory activity for her to explore this afternoon after nap time.  I poured the beans into the plastic container in stripes, similar to how we poured the beans into the vase, and added some measuring cups and spoons so she could scoop the beans.  I also added some bowls so she had something to scoop into 🙂


When Junebug woke up I showed her our vase and reminded her about the beans.  She got a huge smile on her face and I told her there was an activity for her on her coloring table.  It ended up being too tall for her to reach into, so I put it on the floor in her play room and let her explore.


Junebug and Lux both were pretty interested!

DSCN1366edit DSCN1372edit

She used the scoops and her fingers to sort the beans.  I was really surprised that for the most part, she kept the beans separated by color in each of the bowls.  She would look very carefully to determine where to put her scoop or a single bean she would pick up with her fingers.


I ended up dumping the beans to one side of the container so they’d be easier for her to scoop.


Junebug LOVED our new sensory bin!  She helped put everything away so we could have snack and then asked to take it back out afterwards.  We have been having fun talking about the colors of the beans and counting how many beans she scoops up in the measuring spoons.  We also talked about how the beans felt smooth on our fingers.  We’re working hard on keeping the beans in the container, using two hands to move the bowls and keeping the beans away from her mouth.  Teething toddlers… What can you do? 🙂

xoxo Megan and Junebug!

Make It Monday: American Flag Vase

Make It Monday: American Flag Vase

Once again, I apologize for the late post.  I wasn’t sure what project to make yet, therefore didn’t have supplies… But I was hit with some inspiration from Pinterest yesterday and picked up the supplies today and whipped it with Junebug in a matter of minutes.  Yep.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  That’s the kind of project I love the best!!!

For those of you that know me and my husband personally, you know that we’re a bit patriotic.  Our old living room set was navy and cream so our decor was going to be a rustic American style…. and then we moved and had to get new furniture.  We still have the decor, and since Memorial Day and the 4th of July are coming up, I decided that we would go with an America theme over the summer.  I love the muted tones of the rustic style decor vs the bright colors of the real flag.  It just feels more sophisticated for decor, so while looking on Pinterest I was trying to find something in that vein.  I came across this photo and thought, yep, that’s it!


(Photo from original blog post)

Honestly, I didn’t read the blog or see if it had instructions,  I recognized the types of beans used and the rest was pretty self explanatory.  I picked up two bags of each type of bean (Great Northern Beans, Kidney Beans, and Black Beans) and a big vase from Dollar General.  I loved the look of the jar used in the original photo, but since we’re on a budget and have limited options for stores here, I just grabbed the first thing that I saw that had a similar shape to it.  It only ended up being $3, so I was happy to settle for something that didn’t look exactly the same.

Junebug and I layered the beans together to create the striped effect.  Here’s our finished product.


I forgot to take during pictures.  By the time I remembered we already had most of the red and white layers done.  This is where the vase is hanging out for the summer!

DSCN1349edit DSCN1352edit

I think it ended up looking great up there on our entertainment center.  Junebug was super proud of it!  She really wanted to play with the beans, and since I had a half bag of each type of bean left over, I told her that Toddler Tuesday could be a sensory activity for her using the beans.  Now I just have to find a container to use, since we haven’t built her sensory table yet.

Next on my list for sprucing up the living room to be more American is to find some silk hydrangeas to put into my flag basket that is siting on the ledge of our “Tiki Bar” windowsill.  I keep thinking that it’ll look less awkward if there’s something cute there to distract from the shingled awning.  (I’ll have to take a picture of that once I get flowers in the basket, it really is quite an interesting addition to our living room)  The original blog I got the vase idea from has some REALLY COOL ideas as well that I may try to replicate, so we’ll see how that goes as well!  Keep an eye out for more American decor ideas!!! (How many times did I say “American”? haha)

xoxo Megan

Thankful Thursday: This One Guy and Pickles

Thankful Thursday: This One Guy and Pickles

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook may have seen my recent status update asking for friends to fess up about giving my toddler caffeine before bedtime tonight.  Junebug has been telling tales of Mary Poppins, Jesus, Boompa and pickles for about an hour now… Enthusiastically I might add.

Enter this one guy…. I call him my hubs.

He was out tonight with a buddy from work sighting in his new bow so he’s been gone for the entirety of bedtime.  But he is totally my knight in shining armor… Not only did he bring me home a GALLON of pickles (HELLO cliche pregnancy craving) but he also is taking a turn trying to tame the storytelling beast that is our daughter.  God bless him.

Thank you hubs!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, I’m thankful for pickles today.

Mainly the juice, because I’ve recently learned that pickle juice helps tame acid reflux and heartburn.  Apparently the vinegar in the juice neutralizes the acid.  Totally awesome.  I love finding natural remedies for ailments, especially during pregnancy.  I hate the idea of putting anything “unnatural” into my body while I’m growing another human being.  It just really doesn’t sit right for me.  A friend and a cousin both clued me in on the pickle juice trick (cause I couldn’t stop eating venison hot sticks with jalapenos in them).  I was skeptical, but willing to try it… and boy was it worth it.  It does come with a side effect for me, which is an uncontrollable craving for pickles, which is probably why Junebug was chatting about them instead of going to bed. I may or may not have finished a jar of Milwaukee pickles today that I bought on Tuesday.  (Hence the gallon of pickles hubs brought home lol)

Since learning about this, it has not only helped me with heartburn, but TWO of my pregnant cousins also let me know that it really helped, too!  Pickle companies are going to put heartburn medications out of business at this rate 😉

xoxo Megan

What’s Cooking Wednesday: Cream of Tomato Soup

What’s Cooking Wednesday: Cream of Tomato Soup

Hey Friends!  Today is my first ever What’s Cooking Wednesday!  I planned on making something a bit more… elaborate…. but to be honest, I’m feeling SUPER pregnant this evening, so I opted for a more simple, but still blog worthy dinner.

Joseph isn’t a huge fan of tomato soup from a can, so every once in a while when I make grilled cheese, I like to spruce up the simplicity of the meal by using a homemade tomato soup recipe.  This one is pretty simple, and doesn’t take a lot of time to make, and it was hubby approved, so the recipe has earned it’s spot in my recipe box.  I’m not sure where I found it, probably Pinterest, but I wrote it on a recipe card a while back and didn’t put the source on it.  I may have it pinned on my recipe board.  If I find it, I’ll add the link later!

This recipe called for:

1 large can of stewed tomatoes (I used diced)

1/2 cup finely diced onions

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp flour

1 1/2 cups milk


Combine tomatoes, onions, sugar salt and pepper in a large sauce pan.  Simmer for 10 minutes over low heat.


In a small saucepan, melt butter, add flour and stir in milk.  Stir constantly until thickened.

DSCN1336edit  DSCN1338edit

Slowly add milk and flour mixture into tomatoes, stirring constantly.  Heat through


My recipe left it at that, but I’m thinking that I may have missed a step when writing the recipe down, since it’s called Cream of Tomato Soup… So I used a ladle and put the contents of the pan into the blender and made a puree.


Here’s the finished product, complete with grilled cheese sandwich.  Joseph and Junebug both enjoyed dinner, so I call it a win!


Toddler Tuesday: Dress Up Corner

Toddler Tuesday: Dress Up Corner

Junebug got a BUNCH of dress up dresses and fun accessories from her Gramma B last week.  We hadn’t opened up the box until yesterday, since we have been pretty busy, so we sat down and explored all of our goodies!



(Sorry for the cell phone photo)

She had so much fun and spent the afternoon putting necklaces, gloves, and purses on and asking me to change her dresses several times.  It was a hoot watching her while I was in the living room reorganizing all the baby clothes.  (They’re now sorted into separate boxes for boy and girl so when we come home from the hospital we can just grab the box we need!)

After Junebug went to bed, I got busy reorganizing her playroom to accommodate a dress up area.  I already had a set of hanging pegs from the Dollar Tree that was set aside for a dress up area, so we put that up and moved all the blocks and puzzles off the shelf that we had in that corner.

I followed her to her play room this morning when she woke up and she immediately noticed that all of her dresses were hung up on the pegs and that her accessories were set out for her.  She was SO excited!

This afternoon after Junebug woke up from her nap, we went shopping and found a couple storage cubes to put all of her accessories in.  We found the cubes at Dollar General for $4 each.  She was so excited to clean all of her accessories up when we got home!



She’s over there right now shopping through the dresses, deciding which one to wear!

I have a good feeling that her dress up corner will get a lot of attention 🙂  I’m sure it’ll be a hit when we have her friends over to play, too!

Happy playtime!

xoxo Megan