Frugal Friday: City Wide Rummage Sales!!!

Frugal Friday: City Wide Rummage Sales!!!


There are certain things in life where I just cannot contain my excitement.  City wide rummage sales are one of those things.  Being able to park your car, wrap your kid up on your back, bust out the stroller to carry your haul, and just walk from one sale to the next for hours……… That’s the life.  We’ve scored some pretty sweet deals at city wides before, including our set of TV trays and Junebug’s mini high chair that buckles to a chair (total space saver!!!)  PLUS, this time, we own an SUV.  The amount of room I have to put all of our treasures is SO MUCH BIGGER than when we were driving around a sedan!  Oh my gosh, is it time to go yet?!?!?!?

This weekend is the first of two city wide rummage sales in my hubby’s hometown.  Yesterday I spent some time stalking the Facebook page dedicated to the sale and decided where I needed to hit up tonight FOR SURE for the preview (my in laws are watching Junebug so I can hit these on my own) and then the ones that are of less interest I’ll hit tomorrow, probably with my mother in law and Junebug.  I’m pretty excited to pick up some more summer clothes for Junebug and some baby clothes for Pumpkin!  I’m hoping to find some dress up clothes for Junebug, too, since she LOVES the one princess dress she has already!

Not only am I looking for kiddo stuff, I’m looking for home decor items to go in my living room.  When we moved, our original set of furniture had to be sold because it was too big for our living room at the new house.  We now have this really pretty dark olive/ sage green sectional, which is super comfy, but its kind of difficult to decide how to decorate in here with this color.  I did a little searching on Pinterest and came up with some ideas, so I’ll be looking for some burgundy and cream colored accent pieces and a couple more pillows for on our couch so I can tie the room together.  It’s looking pretty plain right now, so I’m excited to see if I can score some deals that will make our house a little more homey, and less… homely. 😛

I will be updating with pictures of my haul on Sunday most likely, since Saturday afternoon we will be doing the Walk to Mary, which I’ll also talk about on Sunday… but I’m probably going to be too exhausted after all of that walking to do any updates.  Wish me luck on finding some good stuff!  You usually can at these sales!  And then, next week, I’ll be hitting up another city wide rummage sale with my momma!!!  Praying I don’t walk myself into contractions like I did when I was pregnant with Junebug!  Scary!

Cant wait to update!!!!

xoxo Megan


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