Spiritual Sunday: “Oh crap, she’s up”

Spiritual Sunday: “Oh crap, she’s up”


I’ve seen this quote before on Pinterest and it always made me giggle.  I’m sure I have some form of this image pinned on one of my boards.  It has never really been in the forefront of my mind, but I think that should change.  I think this IS the sort of woman I should be.

I started thinking about this today while reflecting on the events of my day yesterday.  It was my second year participating in the event called “Walk to Mary”, an approximately 21 mile walking pilgrimage from the St. Norbert College campus in DePere, Wisconsin, to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help in Champion, Wisconsin.   My husband and 3 of his cousins/friends started the walk at the 7 mile marker at a church in Green Bay.  I planned to join them in the afternoon with Junebug at the Family Walk start, which is 2 miles away from the Shrine.  Lets just say, my plans ticked off the devil.

That nasty dude had his hands ALL OVER my day.  Almost from the get go, things just didn’t end up panning out the way I had planned and things kept popping up to delay me.  I got a late start on our way out of town to get to the meet up point, since we had lunch at my mother and father in law’s house.  Then I had a hard time getting my GPS on my phone to pick up where the meet up point was, because the website gave an intersection and my GPS isn’t that cool apparently.  Once I finally just settled on finding one of the roads and guessing my way to the meet up point, we got on the highway and started out.  About 20 minutes from the Shrine, traffic on the highway was more or less at a standstill.  Apparently, a car accident had JUST happened ahead of us (THANK GOD we weren’t involved!!!) and it took us about 15 minutes to make it through that area.  I finally got out to Luxemberg, where the Family Walk meetup was, and asked event staff to help me locate the meeting point.  They didn’t let me know however, that I wouldn’t be able to park there- they had busses shuttling walkers from the Shrine to the meetup point.  SO, once I finally got there, I had to turn back around go to the Shrine itself.  As we were pulling into our parking spot, the last bus left the parking lot to go to the Family Walk meetup.  Junebug and I were less than impressed with our timing.

I considered just hanging out at the Shrine and waiting for the walkers to arrive, but I said to myself, we paid for me to walk, and dang it, I’m going to walk.  The devil has been messing with my day ALL DAY and I’m not going to let him ruin this.  So Junebug and I got ourselves ready and started what I fondly refer to as my Walk Away From Mary.  It was about a mile away from the Shrine, when God sent us an amazing gift.  14 whitetail deer came bounding across a farm field and crossed the road directly between us and the event staff.  Junebug and I enjoyed watching them running and counted them all.  In the distance, I also saw a sea of white t-shirts approaching.  My heart was so overjoyed!  I stopped and chatted with a lady who was directing and encouraging the walkers and waited until we saw Joseph running towards us (how he was running after 12 miles of walking, I don’t know).  We then started our Walk to Mary.

The devil did not win yesterday.  God did.  Junebug and I persevered so that we could honor Mary.  I think the devil said “Oh crap”.  Heck yes.

If you’d like any information regarding the Walk to Mary, or if you would like to join our increasing numbers, you can visit the walk’s website at http://www.walktomary.com.  Every year there has been an increase of about 400 people!  How amazing!  You could join in next year and make it even more impressive!  (PS, we even had protesters this year!  You know you’re the cool kids when people protest!!!)


3 thoughts on “Spiritual Sunday: “Oh crap, she’s up”

  1. Way to tell the devil who’s boss. I would have been sooooo discouraged, good job for keeping on, keeping on! I definately want to try to do to this next year! Love that quote. How cool to see dear!!!! 🙂

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