Make It Monday: Silky & Stretchy Dough

Make It Monday: Silky & Stretchy Dough

Today is Make It Monday!  I hadn’t initially planned on a post today, but since we’re going to be busy tomorrow with planting and SEEING OUR BABY, I decided that I’d make a quick project with Junebug and then post an update tomorrow with the in action for Toddler Tuesday.  We chose the recipe for Silky and Stretchy Play Dough and followed the instructions listed in the link below to make our own.  Apparently we hadn’t been traumatized too much by adventuring with new play dough recipes 😛  Junebug was not able to try this dough out today since we needed to run to the store to get more corn starch and I didn’t get a chance to add it until she was in bed.

This recipe is SUPER easy.  It requires only 2 ingredients, cornstarch and cheap hair conditioner.  I picked up a bottle today at the Dollar General while running errands and it could easily make 2 more batches of this dough.

2 cups cornstarch (I used more, probably closer to 2 1/4 cups cause it was really sticky)

1 cup conditioner (I chose coconut…. so our dough totally smells like sunscreen! AKA summer!!!)


Junebug definitely wanted to get in on the mixing fun, and she surprised me by asking to wear her apron while helping.  I obliged, because seriously, look how cute she is in it!  (And I love when she wants to wear things I’ve made for her!!!)


Lets just say, it must have been divine intervention that she asked to wear the apron…


We had a bit of a cornstarch explosion when we poured it into the bowl.  Next time, not as fast.  Junebug was a total trooper though!


We stirred it up and then realized we needed more cornstarch cause it was too sticky, so we covered our mixing bowl with saran wrap and sat down for lunch.

This recipe took no longer to make than cooking a box of macaroni.  😉  Super simple!  It’s nice to have a no cook recipe, since you don’t need to wait for it to cool before kneading it.  Seems like it’d be a great recipe to whip up on a crazy day where you need a quick activity for the kids!


Here is the finished product, just waiting for Junebug to squish her cute little fingers into tomorrow!  I’ll be sure to post an update again like last time with a review of the dough recipe.  Hopefully this one works out a little better for our family and doesn’t mold! Ew!

xoxo Megan


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