Prayer Request

Prayer Request

People local to me have likely heard about the shooting that took place in Menasha, Wisconsin on Sunday evening.  Those who are further away may not have heard.  I may not have all the facts straight, and for that I apologize, but here’s the story as I know it.

Sunday evening a young man entered a park full of people after having a fight with his girlfriend.  He randomly shot at a group of people on the Trestle Bridge, killing three people, wounding one, and then turned the gun on himself.  The people killed were a father and his young daughter from Menasha and a young man from Appleton.  The injured woman was the wife and mother to the Menasha family, who ended up getting their two younger children off the bridge uninjured.  She is recovering in the hospital currently.

I’d like to send out a prayer request for absolutely everyone involved.  I’d love prayers to go to the innocent victims, the bystanders, the law enforcement teams, the shooter and all of the family, friends and communities that this has affected.

The last words of one of the men killed were “Forgive the man.”

“Forgive the man.”

How incredibly honorable of this man to tell his wife to forgive the man who shot them.  It is truly inspirational and very humbling to see how much faith this man had.

Personally, I am praying for the room in my heart to forgive the young man who shot these people and turned such a quiet community upside down.  I’m also praying for his soul and for his family and friends as they deal with the aftermath of this tragedy.  Please find it in your hearts as well to pray for him.  He made a mistake, and it is not for us to judge him.  God is the ultimate judge.


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