Toddler Tuesday: Silky & Stretchy Dough In Action

Toddler Tuesday: Silky & Stretchy Dough In Action

Sorry for the belated Toddler Tuesday, but our internet was out for a majority of the day yesterday and we were so busy with our planting that we ended up being outside for the whole morning!  I wish I would have gotten some photos of Junebug helping me plant flowers and overseeing Dada’s building project!  He built me a raised bed garden box as my Mother’s Day gift so that we can plant veggies here at our rental place 🙂  I’ll have to get a picture of it once we find the right spot for it!

Well, this morning we had sprinkles on and off, so after our trip to the post office to mail out a Mother’s Day card for an exchange in my June Momma group, we decided to try out the new dough recipe.


(This smile seriously could kill me!)

Junebug loved the dough.  I’m on the fence.  I think I may try adding more conditioner to it and see if that helps.  I thought it was too sticky, so I added more corn starch, but now it’s not as stretchy as the initial blogger’s post suggests it should be.  I’ll have to play around with the consistency.  It smelled SO GOOD though, with the coconut conditioner in it!  It smelled like summer, which was a nice smell to have on a relatively gloomy morning.  So glad the sun has come out this afternoon.  Junebug was really sad that we couldn’t stay outside when we got home from the post office.


We had fun breaking off chunks of it, poking it, rolling it into balls, and of course, building a snowman.  This girl is OBSESSED with snowmen.  Thanks, Disney, for creating that love 😛  (Every time we color, she insists upon a snowman being drawn on her paper and every time we play with play dough she insists upon making a snowman with rolled up balls.)  Rolling pins and cookie cutters didn’t really work well for this dough either (stuck to the pins), so we stuck to manipulating it with our fingers.


Not only was our morning busy with outside play yesterday, we also had a run-in with a door frame.  Lets just say the introductions were less than polite and Junebug left the meeting feeling quite abused.  Our poor little trooper.  She does so well with injuries.  Thankfully Joseph was off work yesterday so he could go to the ultrasound appointment in the afternoon with us, so we were able to work as a team to cure her little heartbreak.  ❤


This dough really reminded me of that cornstarch and water mixture that got solid when pressure was applied, but was runny otherwise… I think it was called Goop.  We made it for science experiments in school.  This definitely maintained more of a solid state the entire time, but maybe if I added more conditioner it would get to that stretchy state that it’s supposed to have.  I’ll have to try it out and let you guys know.  It also left a really dusty residue on Junebug’s art table and was pretty crumbly and left lots of crumbs on the floor during play.

Fear not, this recipe also has not discouraged me from trying new recipes… however, I think I’ll probably shy away from cornstarch based recipes in the future if I can.  I always get a weird dry feeling on my hands (Joseph mentioned it as well with the first dough recipe) and it just doesn’t seem to roll out nicely with our rolling pins.  I promise I’ll find my traditional recipe and post it soon.  I bought the cream of tartar for it on Monday, so I should have everything I need for when this dough goes in the trash.  🙂

Baby Update!!!


Yep, we got to see Pumpkin yesterday and even got a CD with videos from the ultrasound on it!  Junebug has been requesting to watch baby all morning, so we’ve watched it 5 times already.  She likes to sit on my lap and give my belly hugs and kisses while she watches the screen… too cute how much love she has for her baby brother or sister already.  We did not find out the gender (although I REALLY wanted to tell the OB to just take a quick peek between the legs for us!) but he said from what he could see, baby looks great and everything is developing perfectly.  They did a little extra look to make sure I wasn’t showing any signs of premature labor, since I had some contractions early with Junebug, but the OB said everything was looking good.  They’ll do another check in June at my next appointment… wondering if I’ll get another peek at Pumpkin then, too.  This kid is going to come out with a suntan!  I’ll have to be strong at that one if I do get to see baby again… I had to go to an ultrasound alone later on in my pregnancy with Junebug and all I wanted to do was tell the ultrasound tech to tell me the gender.  Joseph really likes the surprise, and so do I, but the anticipation just kills me.  It’s so worth it in the end though to have your hubby announce the gender after birth.  Oooo I’m feeling warm fuzzies just thinking about it!  I cant wait for October!

xoxo Megan


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