Thankful Thursday: A Healthy Pumpkin

Thankful Thursday: A Healthy Pumpkin

Today, I’m thankful for a good report after our ultrasound.  I always get nervous when I know I’ve got an ultrasound coming up.  For some reason I’m just nervous that it’s all too good to be true, and that there will be something “wrong” with baby. I guess I’m just nervous that I’ll have to mentally, emotionally and physically prepare to take care of a child that is differently-abled, and I doubt my parenting abilities so much in the days leading up to an ultrasound.  Thankfully, the ob performing the ultrasound said that everything looked like it was developing fine.  We heard the heartbeat for the first time this pregnancy and I just felt washed with a wave of relief and gratitude for a healthy baby.


Pumpkin is not NEARLY as active as Junebug was in the womb.  Holy cats was that child hard to look at on screen cause she just kept wiggling around everywhere.  Pumpkin was relatively still, with the occasional turn and adjusting his or her arms up near the face.  I’m praying that this means we may have an infant that likes to snuggle!  What a difference that will be!  Our family will be so excited to finally be able to hold a baby without them getting uncomfortable and wanting to face out.  Junebug rarely wanted to snuggle… and if she did it was with me because she was being nursed 😛  Only time will tell though what Pumpkin’s personality will be.  I cant wait until October to meet him or her!

xoxo Megan


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