Frugal Friday: City Wide Rummage Sale Update (Finally!!)

Frugal Friday: City Wide Rummage Sale Update (Finally!!)

Friends, I’m so sorry that it has taken me so long to update you on the FANTASTIC deals I got at the Sherwood City Wide Rummage sale last weekend!!!  Let me tell you, I went in hoping to find good deals, but I was blown away by how GOOD of a deal we were able to get!  This set of rummage sales is in a pretty affluent area, meaning houses that could fit two or more of our own inside of them… I always plan on getting good quality stuff at these rummage sales 🙂

Overall we spent $22.25 on infant and toddler clothes for Pumpkin and Junebug.  I’m unsure of how much my mother in law spent on the rest of the items we got for Junebug, since they were purchased a few weeks ago at a rummage sale to raise money for Joseph’s brother Luke and his family, who are currently missionaries in the Philippines.

DSCN1270edit DSCN1271edit

We ended up scoring a total of 6 onesies, 4 pairs of pants, 13 outfits/sleepers, 2 pairs of slippers/shoes and 2 hats in girls NB- 0-3 month size.

DSCN1272edit DSCN1273edit

Boys clothes we didn’t get quite as much, but I did get quite a lot when we went to that girl’s house from Facebook.  We ended up with 8 onesies, 2 pairs of pants, 6 outfits/sleepers, 2 hats and a pair of shoes.


This set of clothes for Junebug was mostly purchased by Joseph’s mom with the exception of the two tank tops I was able to find for her at the Sherwood sales.  I think I must have been focused on finding infant stuff on Friday evening and was expecting to go out on Saturday with the intention of finding Junebug sized clothes, but I ended up not being able to go out.  I had a paper that had the breakdown of what was all in this set, but I think Junebug may have been “helping” me clean, and she may have thrown it out, cause I cant find it.  This is a rough guess of  what’s in here- 2 sweatshirts, 1 pair of jammies, 6 dresses, 3 shirts, 2 tank tops, 2 pairs of shorts, a skirt, 2 pairs of capris and 2 pairs of pants.  I’m pretty pumped about the tank top that’s in the front, which looks like an American flag.  We’re pretty patriotic, so that’ll be an awesome shirt.  The shorts next to it are also red, white and blue, so maybe we can pair those together!!!  There are still more clothes in the box that she bought, but they’re too big or too small for Junebug, so I didn’t take photos of it all.  There’s a cute pair of sandals I really hoped was going to fit her, but hopefully they will next summer!  (She also bought Junebug a BUNCH of dress up clothes for $10.  I’ll make another post about those when we get around to setting up her dress up area.  I’m pretty excited about that!)

On average we paid less than .50 per “item” at these sales.  That’s a great deal!

One of my absolute FAVORITE sales on Friday evening was a $5 bag sale.  Usually you don’t find the “bag deals” until the afternoon of the second day, but boy did these people have their items priced to go.  There were only certain items, like a coffee maker, that were not allowed to be put into the plastic grocery bags.  I found the table with the baby clothes and felt like a greedy scavenger.  I filled not only one bag, but TWO, because they had boys and girls clothes in newborn and 0-3 month size.  I felt so guilty for grabbing so much, but they wanted to get rid of it, so I figured I was helping them out, right?  It was fantastic.  I kind of had a high after that one.

Another favorite sale was the one where I ran into my mom’s cousin, Julie!  I was searching through the rack of baby clothes when I heard my name yelled across the garage (maiden name lol) and I turned around quickly and saw that I had unknowingly walked into the garage of family!  We had a nice visit and I got a peek at their daughter that I’ve never actually met before, only seen in photos, so that was fun!

We’re particularly excited for the sleeper that has Animal from the Muppets on it.  Animal was the first toy that Joseph bought for Junebug when I was pregnant, so he holds a special place in our family’s hearts.  I kind of hope we have a boy so I can put that on him 🙂

I did spend some time on Sunday going through Junebug’s little bitty clothes and figured out which ones would work seasonally for the new baby.  I only found a few things in the NB- 0-3 month range, since Junebug was our sweet little summer baby.  She pretty much lived in teeny little dresses.  We should be pretty much set for both genders for October when Pumpkin arrives.

This weekend Junebug and I are hitting another city wide rummage sale with Auntie Becky and Gamma (my sister and mom) and I intend to focus mainly on Junebug sized clothes and shoes.  She really needs a pair of cute little white summer sandals for church to go with all those cute dresses that Joseph’s mom found her.

We’re looking forward to a fun weekend out at Gamma and Boompas, complete with playing in the awesome fort in my parents yard and a Mother’s Day and May Baby Birthday celebration at my sister’s new house.  My sister and I are both Maybe’s (Rebecca came up with that awesome term) and we both married Maybe’s, so there are 4 of us in May to celebrate!  I cant wait to see their house all painted with the new carpet in!  They were quite busy fixing the place up the last time we saw it!!!

xoxo Megan


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