Make It Monday: Glass Etching

Make It Monday: Glass Etching

Sorry for the belated Make It Monday!  We were busy recovering from our weekend away from home (aka catching up on cleaning) to do much in the way of computer work.

Our local library holds classes once a month where you can learn about new things or do a fun project.  I have been signing up for them to get out of the house on weeknights and for the off chance that I may meet a new friend, since we’re still pretty new to the area.  The first one I did was learning about Essential Oils.  This month’s was learning to do glass etching.  I made this photo frame at the class using my own artwork, based off of an idea I had seen on Pinterest (go figure!)

11209650_10102164906863288_7633035364222986411_n (1)

Let’s just say I came home with the desire to etch every glass surface in our house.

I channeled my obsession creativity and came up with a few ideas to use for gifts for Mother’s Day.  I went out and picked up my materials from Hobby Lobby and Walmart and was able to get the projects done pretty quickly the next morning while Junebug played nicely.

Materials used:

Armour Etch

Glass Olive Oil containers

Glass soap pumps

Letter stickers

Masking tape

Foam paint brush (although I recommend using a bristle brush because the foam brush wasted a lot of the cream)


I started out by cleaning the glass surfaces, since the Armour Etch can be effected by oils left on the glass.  I then applied the stickers (as straight as I could) and then framed around the stickers using masking tape.

DSCN1295edit DSCN1298edit

After that, I applied the Armour Etch to each glass item, leaving it on for roughly a minute or so.  The girl that taught the class said it really only needed to sit for 30 seconds, but it took longer than that to get the etching cream onto the other containers, so they just sat a bit longer.


I then rinsed off the etching cream under running water and removed the tape and stickers.


I gently dried them with a dish towel and they were all set to fill.

Unfortunately, the soap pumps did not work with the etching cream.  On the Armour Etch jar, it does warn that it may not work on some Pyrex containers.  The soap pumps were Anchor brand, which is a harder glass like Pyrex.  There was a bit of etching on the soap containers, but you certainly couldn’t see it unless you were looking REALLY hard for it.


I filled the soap pumps with some homemade hand soap (recipe found here: and then packaged up the empty dish soap containers and hand soap pumps into a cute little bag.  I left the dish soap container empty so they could use their preferred dish soap in them, but I filled up mine so we could test it out, and it turned out pretty stinkin’ cool if you ask me!  Now Hubby doesn’t put the bottle away after he’s done with dishes!  He prefers to have everything off the sink, which I tend to agree with, but the dish soap also serves as hand soap for me during the day, so to have it put away makes it difficult for me to wash my hands during meal prep or after changing a diaper.


My mom got hers this weekend and loved it!  My dad had actually brought up how they needed a new soap pump at dinner because theirs had stopped working and I just giggled to myself and knew it was coming 🙂  If you know my Mother in Law, she hasn’t gotten her gift yet… so don’t spill the beans on her gift!  We’re making our way back to their area for Memorial Day, so she’ll get hers then!!!


2 thoughts on “Make It Monday: Glass Etching

  1. Wow, this is amazing. SO so so so cool. MIL will love this! 🙂 I want to try, maybe when I am done studying for my July test. I am taking a floral arranging class at the library here in July and am pretty excited.


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