Toddler Tuesday: Dress Up Corner

Toddler Tuesday: Dress Up Corner

Junebug got a BUNCH of dress up dresses and fun accessories from her Gramma B last week.  We hadn’t opened up the box until yesterday, since we have been pretty busy, so we sat down and explored all of our goodies!



(Sorry for the cell phone photo)

She had so much fun and spent the afternoon putting necklaces, gloves, and purses on and asking me to change her dresses several times.  It was a hoot watching her while I was in the living room reorganizing all the baby clothes.  (They’re now sorted into separate boxes for boy and girl so when we come home from the hospital we can just grab the box we need!)

After Junebug went to bed, I got busy reorganizing her playroom to accommodate a dress up area.  I already had a set of hanging pegs from the Dollar Tree that was set aside for a dress up area, so we put that up and moved all the blocks and puzzles off the shelf that we had in that corner.

I followed her to her play room this morning when she woke up and she immediately noticed that all of her dresses were hung up on the pegs and that her accessories were set out for her.  She was SO excited!

This afternoon after Junebug woke up from her nap, we went shopping and found a couple storage cubes to put all of her accessories in.  We found the cubes at Dollar General for $4 each.  She was so excited to clean all of her accessories up when we got home!



She’s over there right now shopping through the dresses, deciding which one to wear!

I have a good feeling that her dress up corner will get a lot of attention 🙂  I’m sure it’ll be a hit when we have her friends over to play, too!

Happy playtime!

xoxo Megan


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