Make It Monday: American Flag Vase

Make It Monday: American Flag Vase

Once again, I apologize for the late post.  I wasn’t sure what project to make yet, therefore didn’t have supplies… But I was hit with some inspiration from Pinterest yesterday and picked up the supplies today and whipped it with Junebug in a matter of minutes.  Yep.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  That’s the kind of project I love the best!!!

For those of you that know me and my husband personally, you know that we’re a bit patriotic.  Our old living room set was navy and cream so our decor was going to be a rustic American style…. and then we moved and had to get new furniture.  We still have the decor, and since Memorial Day and the 4th of July are coming up, I decided that we would go with an America theme over the summer.  I love the muted tones of the rustic style decor vs the bright colors of the real flag.  It just feels more sophisticated for decor, so while looking on Pinterest I was trying to find something in that vein.  I came across this photo and thought, yep, that’s it!


(Photo from original blog post)

Honestly, I didn’t read the blog or see if it had instructions,  I recognized the types of beans used and the rest was pretty self explanatory.  I picked up two bags of each type of bean (Great Northern Beans, Kidney Beans, and Black Beans) and a big vase from Dollar General.  I loved the look of the jar used in the original photo, but since we’re on a budget and have limited options for stores here, I just grabbed the first thing that I saw that had a similar shape to it.  It only ended up being $3, so I was happy to settle for something that didn’t look exactly the same.

Junebug and I layered the beans together to create the striped effect.  Here’s our finished product.


I forgot to take during pictures.  By the time I remembered we already had most of the red and white layers done.  This is where the vase is hanging out for the summer!

DSCN1349edit DSCN1352edit

I think it ended up looking great up there on our entertainment center.  Junebug was super proud of it!  She really wanted to play with the beans, and since I had a half bag of each type of bean left over, I told her that Toddler Tuesday could be a sensory activity for her using the beans.  Now I just have to find a container to use, since we haven’t built her sensory table yet.

Next on my list for sprucing up the living room to be more American is to find some silk hydrangeas to put into my flag basket that is siting on the ledge of our “Tiki Bar” windowsill.  I keep thinking that it’ll look less awkward if there’s something cute there to distract from the shingled awning.  (I’ll have to take a picture of that once I get flowers in the basket, it really is quite an interesting addition to our living room)  The original blog I got the vase idea from has some REALLY COOL ideas as well that I may try to replicate, so we’ll see how that goes as well!  Keep an eye out for more American decor ideas!!! (How many times did I say “American”? haha)

xoxo Megan


3 thoughts on “Make It Monday: American Flag Vase

    1. Its even more patriotic in here now! I’ll be putting the finishing touches on everything before we leave for our weekend visit and I’ll schedule a post for Memorial Day 🙂 Joseph is loving everything and is super excited that I plan to keep the decorations up like this all summer. I’ll probably keep them up until I change over for Halloween decor lol


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