Toddler Tuesday: America Sensory Beans

Toddler Tuesday: America Sensory Beans

Make It Monday was our awesome new American Flag Vase that is totally rocking it on our entertainment center (/fireplace mantle haha)  and Junebug was SUPER excited about the beans we used to create the stripes of our “flag”.

With the leftover beans I created a sensory activity for her to explore this afternoon after nap time.  I poured the beans into the plastic container in stripes, similar to how we poured the beans into the vase, and added some measuring cups and spoons so she could scoop the beans.  I also added some bowls so she had something to scoop into 🙂


When Junebug woke up I showed her our vase and reminded her about the beans.  She got a huge smile on her face and I told her there was an activity for her on her coloring table.  It ended up being too tall for her to reach into, so I put it on the floor in her play room and let her explore.


Junebug and Lux both were pretty interested!

DSCN1366edit DSCN1372edit

She used the scoops and her fingers to sort the beans.  I was really surprised that for the most part, she kept the beans separated by color in each of the bowls.  She would look very carefully to determine where to put her scoop or a single bean she would pick up with her fingers.


I ended up dumping the beans to one side of the container so they’d be easier for her to scoop.


Junebug LOVED our new sensory bin!  She helped put everything away so we could have snack and then asked to take it back out afterwards.  We have been having fun talking about the colors of the beans and counting how many beans she scoops up in the measuring spoons.  We also talked about how the beans felt smooth on our fingers.  We’re working hard on keeping the beans in the container, using two hands to move the bowls and keeping the beans away from her mouth.  Teething toddlers… What can you do? 🙂

xoxo Megan and Junebug!


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