Toddler Tuesday: Tube Painting

Toddler Tuesday: Tube Painting

Today, Junebug requested to go outside after nap and to paint.  I thought she may like to paint outside so we got to do both!  We were confined to the porch since it was starting to rain, but we have a porch that wraps around the front of our home so we were protected from the rain for the most part!  Awesome!

A couple weeks ago I got an amazing art print for my birthday from my amazing sister in law!!  It came in a cardboard tube and I saved it to do marble painting!

Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 744edit

We used some blue and white finger paint and some marbles (although I definitely recommend using round marbles vs the flat ones… I couldn’t find any small round balls that would fit inside the tube).  I thought the blues would make a good rain painting, since it was raining out 🙂  I just dropped a small amount of paint onto the paper inside the tube and then had Junebug drop the marbles in.  I closed it up for her and let her go wild.

Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 745edit

Junebug shook, rolled and kicked the tube around on the porch.  I helped her shake it a bit towards the end.

Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 747editMegan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 749edit

We opened the tube up and I revealed her painting.  While she liked it, she remained unconvinced that she actually painted and insisted upon finger painting afterwards.  What a kid. 🙂

Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 750edit Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 753edit

Here’s a sneak peak of a post I’ll be making in a couple weeks, as it takes quite a while to make.  Junebug had a blast helping me gather these dandelions out in the yard in the rain!

Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 756edit Megan's Cell Phone Photos 5.26.15 755edit


3 thoughts on “Toddler Tuesday: Tube Painting

    1. We did marble painting a lot in daycare, so that’s where I remembered it from. I’ve done it in oatmeal canisters, shoe boxes and trays before too. Just depends on available materials and age level of the kiddos 🙂


  1. Junebug was really proud of her Tube Painting tonight and showed off her painting to Dada. He asked her how we did it and she said ‘Rolled it’! I love how her memory is so sharp now and she can tell Joseph about our day! What a smartie pants!


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