MIA Momma

MIA Momma

Hey friends, I have been a bit MIA lately.  Since Junebug’s second birthday is approaching, I’ve been busy setting up plans for not only her party, but for Tot School.  If you’re not familiar with Tot School, it’s basically the toddler version of homeschooling.  Since we plan on homeschooling our kiddos, we thought it might be a good idea to get Junebug used to doing schooling with me at home.  Since she isn’t in daycare during the day, she doesn’t get some of the same experiences that other kiddos get, which definitely isn’t a bad thing, but I wanted to start helping her learn some concepts and make use of all of the daycare stuff that is cluttering our basement from the years I was teaching daycare.

Currently, Junebug and I are working on a Pond Theme.  We’ve been having fun learning about the animals that live in ponds and even took a trip to the zoo with a couple of our friends to look at some real life pond animals!!  We’ve been reading lots of pond related stories and I’ve got some tot trays set up with little activities for Junebug to work on, which I will try to share next week on Toddler Tuesday.

I’m trying not to make too much of a theme schedule, as I’m trying to pick up on Junebug’s interests.  It’s helpful to only be observing one child’s interests vs a large group like in a daycare class.  She’s been very interested in helping out with babies (feeding them, changing them, pushing them in strollers) and Lux’s care lately (playing in her food, putting her into her kennel and taking her out when we we leave the house) so I thought a Baby Theme and a Pet Theme would be fun for her.  I’ve been busy pinning to secret boards I have set up on Pinterest (I do secret boards so I don’t overwhelm people with the volume of pins I pin in one sitting, not because I’m stingy with my ideas lol)  and working on organization of our playroom to accommodate Tot School.

I’m thinking of using my spending money this month to buy a laminator so that our Tot School activities hold up for not only Junebug, but for future kiddos that will likely play with them too!  Otherwise, I’ll put what I can in the plastic binder page protectors to keep those in good shape.  Hopefully I can find something in my budget that will be a good investment!

Until next time!

xoxo Megan and Junebug


5 thoughts on “MIA Momma

    1. Angela, I ended up getting the Scotch brand laminator from Walmart. It’s just under $20 and came with maybe 5 lamination pouches. It’s small, the feed tray is collapsible, and the cord wraps up for storage underneath the machine so it’ll be a small storage item (which is awesome!!!)


  1. Oh sure! I haven’t started any research yet, but I’m hoping to find one around $20 if possible. Hubs has Amazon Prime right now so I might check on Amazon… But for sure I’m checking Walmart on Friday when I “go into town” 😛 I’m kicking myself for not getting the one that was advertised through Aldi a while back!


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