Make It Monday: Baby Doll Diapers

Make It Monday: Baby Doll Diapers

This was something that I had initially planned on doing for a gift for Junebug for her birthday or Christmas, but since Junebug has been thoroughly enjoying pretending to change her baby doll’s diapers lately, I thought I’d get some made now!  They also will fit in great with our theme for Tot School this week: Babies and Baby Animals!!!  I used a no-sew pattern from and purchased a cheap 12 pack of colored felt from Walmart.  Jess from Happy Together used SUPER fun patterned felt, but since we were also working on setting up for Tot School, our budget was a little smaller this week.  There are a TON of cute patterns out there on Pinterest, but since my sewing machine is buried right now in my cleaning/organizing/dejunkifying our life process, I chose to go for the no-sew option, otherwise it wouldn’t get done.  I’m pretty honest with myself occasionally lol

(I apologize for cell phone quality pictures… I really need to either replace the batteries in my good camera or find the charger for our point and shoot camera…. I haven’t come across either batteries or a charger in all the digging through boxes I’ve been doing lately though :/ )

IMG_20150606_213241511[1]edit IMG_20150606_215838415[1]edit

I ended up cutting out 11 diapers for Junebug’s baby and used the white sheet of felt to make some fabric wipes.  Since Junebug was cloth diapered and the plan is to cloth diaper with Pumpkin, I thought this would be fun for her to have multicolored diapers since that’s what she had 🙂


IMG_20150608_170354495[1]edit IMG_20150608_170829217[1]edit

I only had enough velcro on hand to make 8 diapers (purple one not shown since it was already being used by Junebug and her baby doll).  I initially wanted to put a long strip of velcro down the middle of the front to make the diapers more adjustable for more than one baby doll, but I had to make do.  Maybe the remaining three diapers will get a longer strip once I restock on velcro.

IMG_20150608_171453410[1]edit IMG_20150608_171104443[1]edit

Here is our lovely Maya (she was finally named today after months of being “baby doll”) wearing one of the new diapers.  Junebug was pretty amused that she had a diaper on but will need some guidance on learning how to properly use the diapers so she can change Maya herself.


My mother in law picked up a set of baby doll sized baby items at a rummage sale, including this cute little back pack diaper bag.  I stuffed the wipes in one side and the diapers in the backpack and Junebug had fun wearing it on her back around the house.  She was very excited to show off her new diapers to Dada when he got home from work.  I’m hoping these will be something fun that she’ll play with a lot since babies are a popular pass time around our house!  I tried getting an action shot of Junebug playing with Maya and the diapers, but she’s super active and my cell phone camera tends to take really blurry photos of her, so none of them were usable.

My plan is to have Junebug completely proficient in changing diapers by October so that I don’t have to lift a finger when Pumpkin gets here.  I think she’d be a great diaper changer, don’t you? (Wouldn’t that be so great?!?)

xoxo Megan and Junebug


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