Spiritual Sunday: Ordination Celebration

Spiritual Sunday: Ordination Celebration

This weekend, the Diocese of Green Bay ordained a new Priest!  That in and of itself is SUPER awesome, since there is a shortage of Priests, but what’s even cooler is that I know the new Priest and he’s from our new parish!

So, congrats to the newly ordained Fr. Edward Looney, and THANK YOU for saying yes to the call to the Priesthood!

We had hoped to go to the actual ordination yesterday, but we thought it might be too much for Junebug.  We decided we’d go to Fr. Looney’s Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving today at our parish and participate in the Eucharistic procession.  It was such an awesome experience to see his first Mass!  We’re really glad we were able to go to it!

We ended up going to the reception afterwards and ate dinner next to one of the Priests I grew up with at my home parish, so I got to do a little catching up with Fr. Bob!  He’s celebrating his 50th anniversary in the Priesthood this year.  How cool!

Congrats again, Fr. Looney, and great job today 🙂


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