Make It Monday: Big Girl Room Decor

Make It Monday: Big Girl Room Decor

We never have really decorated Junebug’s bedroom. Mainly because we have been moving around and haven’t truly settled into a home. This is our third home since Junebug’s birth nearly 2 years ago. Since I seem to be nesting on and off I decided to take advantage and make some decor for Junebug’s bedroom. The piece I’m sharing today is the only one I’ve gotten completed, although I still need to get a photo frame and a newborn photo of Junebug’s to complete the project in its entirety.


I found a cute nursery photo that I’m using for inspiration for Junebug’s room (and will add coordinating decor for the new baby should we end up putting them in the same room).

I saw in the photo a cute wall display using the baby’s initial and newborn photos in coordinating frames. I picked up a letter C and some lilac colored acrylic paint at Walmart and got started.


I found a matching scrapbook paper and gathered my materials.


I painted the edge of the letter with the lilac paint.


I applied a thin layer of mod podge and laid it on the white side of the scrapbook paper.

I carefully cut around the letter using an xacto knife.


After flipping it over, I added another thin layer of mod podge to the top, to protect the paper from wear.

I plan on painting a plain frame with the lilac acrylic paint and putting one of Junebug’s tutu newborn photos in the frame and then hanging them on the wall together. She wore a purple tutu in her newborn photos so that’s what I’m basing her “color” off of. I have a pink tutu made for Pumpkin if baby is a girl, so I will do pink decor and a pink letter for a girl. A boy will get a teal frame and wear a onesie with a teal tie or suspenders added to it for newborn photos.

The goal is to make super chic princessy type decor for Junebug. She is all about princesses, but I don’t really want to put actual characters in there so her room can grow with her. I can’t wait to make more decor and actually put things up in her room! πŸ™‚

Xoxo Megan


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