Thankful Thursday: Family and Friends

Thankful Thursday: Family and Friends

It’s been far too long… again…

Summer is so incredibly busy for us and I actually forgot I had a blog.  Mommy brain? Pregnancy brain? Summer brain? (one of those has to be a legit reason lol)

After spending 5 months in a new town in winter, I was starting to get homesick for the life our little family had left behind. I still miss things, like the convenience of going shopping and not having to drive a half hour to get places, having my friend, Kelly, live 5 blocks away and going on summer walks with her, the whoosh of the highway in my backyard (yes, I know, I’m crazy… it’s like a white noise machine for me after growing up with it)

I’ve welcomed summer and what feels like a new life here in our new town.  I’ve been seeing my new friends more frequently and I feel like there is something going on every. single. weekend.  (Which is good and bad I guess)

A lot of our summer craziness has been spent with family and friends- Junebug’s second birthday, camping on the weekend, festivals, etc.  I’m definitely thankful for that!  We may feel a little stretched and sometimes come out of a weekend wondering if we got to relax at all, but seeing family and friends on a more regular basis has been good for me.  I think Junebug is definitely soaking it up.

So, I’m sorry if I’m gone more frequently… I’ll try to be better!

If I’m don’t, well, have a great summer! 🙂

xoxo Megan


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