Toddler Tuesday: Catholic Icing

Toddler Tuesday: Catholic Icing

While setting up Tot School for Junebug, I’ve been trying to incorporate religious materials, activities and prayer into our daily schedule.  One visit home, my sister in law told me about a website called Catholic Icing, that she had heard that some of her Catholic mom friends use to find fun ideas for their kiddos.  (Catholic Icing Website)

Turns out, they have a curriculum book that follows the liturgical year and includes songs, art projects and activities.  I talked to hubby and we decided to take the plunge and make our first official home school purchase.  Today, weeks later, I finally have actually made the purchase and we should receive our new curriculum in 1-2 weeks.

My plan is to continue planning as I have been, picking up on Junebug’s interests or relating our week of study to something that we have recently done (ie- we spent the 4th of July on a beach, so this week is Beach Week).  I then plan to incorporate projects from the Catholic ABC’s curriculum into our weekly lesson plans so that she’s getting religious education in there too.

Right now, we start our calendar time with our Prayer Sticks (Spiritual Sunday: Prayer Sticks and Theology of the Body) and if we’re lucky, one of our printable packs for Tot Trays will have come from a Christian blogger and will have a scripture excerpt that can be printed out with cute little graphics that match the theme for the week.  The blog 1+1+1=1 (1+1+1=1 Website) has been a good place to find these.  Junebug loves them and has been asking me to repeat the scripture multiple times before moving on to a different part of calendar time.  We’ve been putting these into protective sleeves and taping them up on our calendar board.

I’ve been searching for my camera cord and still haven’t found it… so it looks like today is the day I bite the bullet and go out and buy AA batteries to go in my BIG camera so that I can take nice pictures for my posts again, vs making all of you suffer through the dark, shadowy, weird line through the picture, images that my cell phone has been taking lately.  I’ve been trying to document all of the tot trays I put together for each theme we do so that I can share what we’ve been up to during our new adventure with Tot School.  Since we don’t have a full weekend planned out for this weekend, I’m hoping to get a Frugal Friday post up about some of the purchases I’ve made lately for Tot School so you guys can get a feel for the materials we’ve been working with 🙂  Tot School doesn’t have to be expensive!

Back to my cleaning list I go!

xoxo Megan and Junebug


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