Toddler Tuesday: A Peek Into Tot School

Toddler Tuesday: A Peek Into Tot School

Yes, I’m aware it’s Wednesday (surprisingly 😉 )  However, hubby needed the computer last night to do homework, so that trumped blogging in my book.  Plus, I got to sew, so I’m not complaining at all!

I FINALLY got fresh batteries into my good camera (it’s about time) and took some shots of what we’re up to this week for Tot School.  We’re learning about farms, and Junebug is totally a fan!

Our current Tot Trays include: Cow Lacing Card (Dollar Tree), 4 piece cow puzzle, C is for Cow coloring sheet, Farm Nomenclature Card Matching, Clean and Dirty Animal Sorting and Size Sorting Animals.  We have a sensory bowl set up with dried black eyed peas, a shovel and Little People farm animals.

100_2223edit 100_2229edit 100_2231edit 100_2232edit 100_2233edit 100_2235edit


Here’s a few photos of Junebug playing with some Tot Trays and her Sensory bowl.  She LOVES doing the Nomenclature card matching.  She’s getting really good at matching things on the first try, which is awesome!  The sensory bowl was also a hit (until she started dumping the dried peas all over the floor) and was “feeding” the animals “num num num”.  So sweet!

100_2230edit 100_2220edit 100_2228edit

Here is what our current set up looks like (minus the artwork, since she hadn’t done any yet at the time that we had taken photos).  We have our new alphabet and weather charts up.  We love the new weather chart!  The printable that we had been using for a couple weeks was just a photo of the weather, was tiny hand was hard for Junebug to participate with.  I’ll store that one away for later on when she’s a bit older.  This one goes really well with our weather song, since she can see the letters as we’re spelling out what the weather for the day is.  I wish it were in lower case letters, but beggars cant be choosers, especially since it came from the dollar section at Target 😛


We received our Catholic ABC’s curriculum in the mail this morning and Junebug was ALL about it.  We were outside playing and she snatched the book from me, plopped down in the grass and started reading to me about Jesus.  Apparently she’s going to be in charge of the Catholic portion of Tot School 😉  Tentatively, the plan is to cut out themed calendar time and art activities for Mondays and replace it with the Catholic ABC’s curriculum, since Mass will be fresh on her mind from the day before.  I then plan to incorporate parts of the Catholic ABC curriculum into our normal Tot School schedule.

How do you incorporate religion into your tot’s daily schedule?

Xoxo Megan and Junebug!


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