Spiritual Sunday: Hail Mary, Holy Baby

Spiritual Sunday: Hail Mary, Holy Baby

Junebug LOVES Mother Mary.  Like, it’s almost on the weird side how excited she is.  It’s pretty cool!

She chats with and hugs our Mary statue on our front porch.  She says hi to the big Mary statue on the way into church.  She points out Mary in the statues inside of church… She’s definitely a Mary lover.  She calls her Marys ❤

Today after Mass, she had to stop in front of the Mother Mary statue, stand on the landscaping bricks and she and Dada prayed a Hail Mary.  I was tired, hot and feeling uncomfortable from being at church (wooden pews and no ac don’t go well with pregnancy) so I watched them and then started heading to the car.

Junebug insisted that I come back and pray another Hail Mary with her.

Hail Mary

I said to Joseph on my way back over to the statue, “She makes me holier every day”.  I truly believe that is the case.  This little two year old has encouraged my prayer life to grow every day.  I’m not only praying with more frequency, but more creatively.  We recently added a new prayer element to bedtime prayers (because she wasn’t quite ready for the actual nuhnight prayer) and I asked her what we should thank Jesus for.  We then list all the fun things we did during the day and any friends we were able to visit with.  This has been a huge blessing for me and I’m hoping that it’ll be a blessing for her as well.  If we’ve had a rough day, being able to reflect on the positives really brings me back into a better mood.  I’m hoping that this “Thank You, Jesus” reflection will help Junebug to be grateful and recognize her blessings in daily life, even for things as small as seeing a bird on the bird feeder or splashing in the pool.

I’m so blessed to have Junebug in my life, just generally speaking, but her influence on my spiritual life has been amazing! What a cool little kiddo I have!!!


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