Toddler Tuesday: Kidz Town

Toddler Tuesday: Kidz Town

With the weather being a little too much on the warm side lately, we decided to set up an indoor play date with my friend and her daughter.  I was given the suggestion of going to Kidz Town, which is halfway between Kelly and I so it wasn’t a big drive for either of the girls.

We only paid a $5 admission for the girls and we got in free so that was super awesome! They said it was for all day too, so if we wanted to leave and go back later the same day we wouldn’t have to pay twice! What an awesome deal! We played for about 2 1/2 hours and ate lunch there. The girls had a blast! I’ll likely be bringing Junebug back there! Definitely worth the $5, especially with an indoor and outdoor play area!

Since I stay home with Junebug, she doesn’t get as much socialization as kiddos that attend daycare, so it was good for her to be with other kids and practice sharing.

IMG_20150728_122722451IMG_20150728_103222124 IMG_20150728_102355525 IMG_20150728_102228038 IMG_20150728_102054543 IMG_20150728_102032461 IMG_20150728_101348977

Xoxo Megan & Junebug ❤


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