Thankful Thursday: Getting Help

Thankful Thursday: Getting Help

I HATE HATE HATE HATE asking for help.  Did I stress HATE enough?  I want to feel capable of doing everything that is on my to do list.

Unfortunately, pregnancy has a tendency of kicking me in the butt and saying “haha you cant hack it, go warm the bench”

It’s one thing for me to ask my husband for help, but it’s a completely other thing to ask others for help.  I feel so self conscious and like I’m taking advantage of others.  My mother in law graciously offered her services when we were visiting last week and hubs basically begged me to take her up on it… I surrendered.  SOOO yesterday I called and asked if she would watch Junebug while I went to the OB today.  Junebug LOVES to go to the doctor with me, but I figured a doctor visit and maybe a couple errands while I was out without a toddler would be good for me, especially with the cramping I’ve been having if I get too feisty with what I’m doing during the day (like, heaven forbid, vacuum the living room :0 )

So I went to the OB and Target by myself…. and drove past a house that’s for sale that we were thinking of looking at (total dud, btw, acre and a half my behind) while my cutie pie played dress up and read “Inderlala” (Cinderella) with her Gramma B.  They were playing when I got home so I started on my cleaning list and my mother in law joined me and we virtually knocked out the whole list 🙂

Don’t tell her, but since I’m still working on those darn freezer meals, I got a bunch of dishes dirty again right away lol.  (On the bright side, after the two meals I made today are in the freezer 20 of 22 meals will be completed!)

Hubs will be happy that there’s not as much for him to jump in on when he gets home with dinner tonight (I’ve been craving Chinese! Yum!) and we might actually get to spend some time together once Junebug goes to bed 🙂

I’m going to have to do a lot more surrendering in the next 6 weeks.  Preparing for a baby AND a move* is going to make this pregnant momma break down… but hopefully we’ll make it through!

XOXO Megan, Junebug and Pumpkin ❤

*It’s not super public yet, but since only a few people read my blog, I figured it wouldn’t really matter much anyway.  Hubs was offered and accepted a promotion at work!  Yay for him and all of his AWESOME hard work!  He’s truly a rock star and although he wont admit it, he’s totally an asset to his company and I’m glad that they’ve recognized it.  This promotion gives us some stability and allows for us to purchase our first home and settle down as a family.  We’re currently living in our third home since getting married and Junebug has been with us for each one.  Moving with a newborn was rough, and moving with a toddler was also rough…. and now we get the one two punch of having BOTH a NEWBORN AND A TODDLER!!!!! YAY!  BUT, this should be our last move for A VERY LONG TIME!  (Hubby’s friends will be super excited cause our bedroom furniture is SUPER heavy haha!)


4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Getting Help

  1. I hate asking for help too!!! it is so so so hard, but I know people always want to help. Mike asked our friends to take our down baby stuff and return it to the store. It was hard to do, but it felt freeing to know that they were taking care of us, and they seemed so grateful for a way pitch in. That must what the body of Christ is for, helping one another, but it sure is hard for me to be vulnerable and ask for it. So glad you had a morning by yourself and got a lot done! Wow, 20 meals in the freezer, dang You rock!!! Speaking of asking for help, you will have your work cut out for you with the move coming up…ahhh…moving is the worst. 😦 LET US KNOW how we can help, packing beforehand, move in day, etc. We can come up there. 🙂 Love the update


    1. Thanks! We’ll let you know! We have to find a house first, which is proving to be a little difficult with our difference in interests when it comes to homes. I’m sure we’ll find the perfect one at the perfect time. God has his ways. I’m so grateful for your friends who helped you with the baby stuff. That would have been so daunting for us to do on our own. Heck, I’m having a hard time bringing the box of clothes downstairs that I was going to give to you. Still holding on I guess. Sending tons of prayers xoxo


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