Frugal Friday: Free Events

Frugal Friday: Free Events

Joseph and I love “free”… it’s good for our budget 😉

We’ve been trying to take advantage of “free” activities this summer when I’m feeling up to it so that Junebug can have a fun filled summer without us depleting our entertainment envelope on little kiddo stuff.  (We like dates, too, ya know?)

Today the library had a cute little Family Beach Day set up during the normal story time hours.  While we were bummed that Dada was at work and couldn’t make it to join us (Someone has to fill that entertainment envelope, right?!?) we still had lots of fun with our friends 🙂

Junebug’s First Tattoo
Coloring with chalk
Listening to a pirate story
Sponge toss game
Sea urchin toss (she so cheated and crossed the line to get that green one in 😛 )
Penny toss
After we drew a bunch of chalk fish on the walkway we used the squirt guns to “catch” the fish 🙂 Junebug really liked using the squirters!
Tossing water balloons with our buddy A. 🙂
We had a picnic lunch (thanks for sharing food with us K&A, momma slacked on that one, oops)
Cant have a beach day without freezie pops!

We got some prizes playing the games and Junebug was really bummed about leaving.  She had a little chat with the librarian saying she wanted to do it again.  So cute.  She loves Mrs. Spice, the librarian who runs storytime.

I really hope that wherever we move to has a library storytime and a librarian as awesome as Mrs. Spice!!!

xoxo Megan and Junebug ❤


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