Toddler Tuesday: Revenge of the Molars

Toddler Tuesday: Revenge of the Molars

Junebug and I have been laying low for the past day or so.  We did a LOT of driving over the weekend and by Sunday evening on the way home I was having contractions every 10 minutes and was majorly uncomfortable for the hour and a half drive home (we detoured to drive past some homes that were for sale)

So therefore, I put myself on couch duty and have been supervising Junebug as she plays independently or watches Sofia the First.  Today, after a day and a half of this, I think Junebug went a bit stir crazy.  We went out to Shopko (bleh… wish it were Target instead) to pick something up quick and when we pulled into the driveway the meltdown began.  Lunch was HELL.  She screamed the entire time and didn’t touch anything in front of her.  She’s usually a great eater so I was pretty confused as to why she wouldn’t eat her raviolis.

We eventually came to the conclusion that her next set of molars was coming in.  How dare you molars.  How dare you turn my sweet little blondie into the monster that sat next to me during lunch???  Not cool.  Now that we understand the issue and have remedied it with some medicine and snuggles, she’s back to her cute little self and inhaled her lunch and took a good nap (so did I lol).

Hoping for a good rest of the day, week, weeks… however long it takes for those bad boys to come in.  The first one came in without incident, so not sure what happened there… Wish us luck!!!!

XOXO Megan and Junebug ❤


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