Hi, friends!  Thanks for joining me in our wonderful, blessed life journey!


We currently are a sweet little trio, made up of my amazing husband, Joseph, our beautiful 21 month old daughter, Junebug, and myself, Megan.


(Junebug, 21 months)


 We are happy to announce that we expecting a sweet little addition in October, who we’ll refer to as Pumpkin 🙂


We also have an energetic 3 year old Boxer/Beagle mix, named Lux, who is Junebug’s best friend.  She’s so tolerant of her antics!  Thank God!


Joseph and I were both raised in faith-filled Catholic homes.  That pretty much ends the similarity in our upbringing.  Joseph was homeschooled for a majority of his education, while I went to public school.  He grew up with 6 brothers and sisters, while I grew up with one younger sister.

 We met in 2006, while both going to school for Education.  We started dating in April of 2010 and were married in June of 2012.  We found out two months after our wedding that we were expecting our first child, Junebug.  What an amazing surprise and blessing!  After 9 long months of suspense, we met our beautiful little girl (her gender was a surprise) and started our new journey in parenthood.

What We’re up to These Days

Since the birth of our feisty little Junebug, I have been a stay at home momma.  What a lucky job!  Joseph currently is a Site Safety Manager.  We moved to a new area in January for Joseph’s job and are currently spending our days getting used to our new town.  We are striving to set up our home and create a faith-filled environment for our children.

Life’s Tiny Graces

I’ve been told in the past that I should write about my decorating and DIY ideas through a blog.  I thought it might be fun to share my ideas, or rather ideas that I’ve gathered from Pinterest, and show how they work in our lives.  I hope to share recipe reviews, organization efforts, activities for my kiddos, DIY projects and decorating ideas.  Thanks for joining me in my journey!


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