Frugal Friday: Free Events

Frugal Friday: Free Events

Joseph and I love “free”… it’s good for our budget ūüėČ

We’ve been trying to take advantage of “free” activities this summer when I’m feeling up to it so that Junebug can have a fun filled summer without us depleting our entertainment envelope on little kiddo stuff. ¬†(We like dates, too, ya know?)

Today the library had a cute little Family Beach Day set up during the normal story time hours. ¬†While we were bummed that Dada was at work and couldn’t make it to join us (Someone has to fill that entertainment envelope, right?!?) we still had lots of fun with our friends ūüôā

Junebug’s First Tattoo
Coloring with chalk
Listening to a pirate story
Sponge toss game
Sea urchin toss (she so cheated and crossed the line to get that green one in ūüėõ )
Penny toss
After we drew a bunch of chalk fish on the walkway we used the squirt guns to “catch” the fish ūüôā Junebug really liked using the squirters!
Tossing water balloons with our buddy A. ūüôā
We had a picnic lunch (thanks for sharing food with us K&A, momma slacked on that one, oops)
Cant have a beach day without freezie pops!

We got some prizes playing the games and Junebug was really bummed about leaving.  She had a little chat with the librarian saying she wanted to do it again.  So cute.  She loves Mrs. Spice, the librarian who runs storytime.

I really hope that wherever we move to has a library storytime and a librarian as awesome as Mrs. Spice!!!

xoxo Megan and Junebug ‚̧

Frugal Friday: City Wide Rummage Sales!!!

Frugal Friday: City Wide Rummage Sales!!!


There are certain things in life where I just cannot contain my excitement. ¬†City wide rummage sales are one of those things. ¬†Being able to park your car, wrap your kid up on your back, bust out the stroller to carry your haul, and just walk from one sale to the next for hours……… That’s the life. ¬†We’ve scored some pretty sweet deals at city wides before, including our set of TV trays and Junebug’s mini high chair that buckles to a chair (total space saver!!!) ¬†PLUS, this time, we own an SUV. ¬†The amount of room I have to put all of our treasures is SO MUCH BIGGER than when we were driving around a sedan! ¬†Oh my gosh, is it time to go yet?!?!?!?

This weekend is the first of two city wide rummage sales in my hubby’s hometown. ¬†Yesterday I spent some time stalking the Facebook page dedicated to the sale and decided where I needed to hit up tonight FOR SURE for the preview (my in laws are watching Junebug so I can hit these on my own) and then the ones that are of less interest I’ll hit tomorrow, probably with my mother in law and Junebug. ¬†I’m pretty excited to pick up some more summer clothes for Junebug and some baby clothes for Pumpkin! ¬†I’m hoping to find some dress up clothes for Junebug, too, since she LOVES the one princess dress she has already!

Not only am I looking for kiddo stuff, I’m looking for home decor items to go in my living room. ¬†When we moved, our original set of furniture had to be sold because it was too big for our living room at the new house. ¬†We now have this really pretty dark olive/ sage green sectional, which is super comfy, but its kind of difficult to decide how to decorate in here with this color. ¬†I did a little searching on Pinterest and came up with some ideas, so I’ll be looking for some burgundy and cream colored accent pieces and a couple more pillows for on our couch so I can tie the room together. ¬†It’s looking pretty plain right now, so I’m excited to see if I can score some deals that will make our house a little more homey, and less… homely. ūüėõ

I will be updating with pictures of my haul on Sunday most likely, since Saturday afternoon we will be doing the Walk to Mary, which I’ll also talk about on Sunday… but I’m probably going to be too exhausted after all of that walking to do any updates. ¬†Wish me luck on finding some good stuff! ¬†You usually can at these sales! ¬†And then, next week, I’ll be hitting up another city wide rummage sale with my momma!!! ¬†Praying I don’t walk myself into contractions like I did when I was pregnant with Junebug! ¬†Scary!

Cant wait to update!!!!

xoxo Megan

Frugal Friday: Baby Clothes

Frugal Friday: Baby Clothes

Hi Friends! ¬†So happy you’ve joined me today! ¬†If you missed in my intro post, we are anticipating the birth of our second blessing, Pumpkin, in early October. ¬†We plan to be surprised with baby’s gender again, like we were with our Junebug.

Junebug was born in June (clever nickname :P) so no matter what gender our new baby will be, we needed to get new clothes to prepare for either gender. ¬†Wisconsin fall can be quite chilly, and we wouldn’t be able to get away with putting new baby in all of Junebug’s cute little summer dresses.

My favorite spots to shop for kiddo clothes are rummage sales and online Facebook sales pages.  Last week, hubby and I met up with a nice girl off of a Facebook sales page in our area and went through her totes of newborn clothes.  (She had 3 more totes of 0-3 month clothes that we decided not to go through until baby is here)


We ended up getting more boy stuff than girl, only because we haven’t looked through Junebug’s stuff to see if she had anything that would work for Pumpkin.


I’ll have to look through our girl totes before I start going to rummage sales this summer so I don’t over buy.

We ended up getting 7 fleece sleepers, a cotton sleeper, 10 onesies, 6 pairs of pants, 4 long sleeve shirts, 2 hats and 2 outfits for $40 total. ¬†It comes out to $1.25 per piece. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this haul, but will probably end up getting a few more items. ¬†Junebug was in newborn clothes for about 6 weeks because she was just a teeny little thing.

Other favorite places for me to get clothes for my kiddos are Goodwill, thrift stores and Once Upon a Child. ¬†I’m also dabbling in making Junebug clothing myself! ¬†Now that we live in a small town, I don’t have much access to these types of stores unless I’m doing a big shopping trip to one of the bigger cities around us. ¬†I’m praying that rummage sales will pop up around here. ¬†It’s so fun to come across a couple while we’re out on our walks during the day and find some fun treasures!

Frugal Friday: Menu Planning Station

Frugal Friday: Menu Planning Station

Friends, my menu planning area was pretty disastrous. ¬†Between moving and just not being fully organized in that portion of my life, I kind of dreaded Thursdays when I needed to make my menu and grocery list for my Friday trip “into town”. ¬†I had been brainstorming what to do with the bookshelf that we store my cookbooks on to make it into a more streamlined and clutterless area that would hopefully help me feel excited about planning our menus. ¬†I unfortunately do not have a before photo of this shelf, because honestly, I was pretty ashamed at how crazy it was. ¬†I finally found motivation for my menu shelf on a recent trip to Target.

Target is a beautiful, blessed spot for relaxation for me and many mommas I know. ¬†Previous to our relocation, I had not one, but two Targets within reasonable driving distance from our home. ¬†Now, our closest Target is about 45 minutes away. ¬†Thankfully, its right by my OB’s office, so I can shop the aisles of my momma mecca once a month right now, and more frequently as Pumpkin grows! ¬†My favorite space at Target, to be completely honest, is the Dollar Spot. ¬†They have such fun things there. ¬†I usually cant resist and purchase at least one item from these shelves.

It’s on these shelves that I found the inspiration to make what I now refer to as my “Menu Planning Station”.

CELL PHONE 4.10.15 606

(The chalkboard is currently still in creative mode. ¬†I’ll update with what I decide to put on it!!!)

Everything in my Menu Planning Station was purchased at Target with the exception of my yearly planner. ¬†The metal file folder bin was my only “big ticket” purchase (outside of the Dollar Spot) but that was something that we already had in our possession from a previous organizing idea that ended up needing a bigger file folder bin.

CELL PHONE 4.10.15 605

Here’s a full view of the bookshelf. ¬†It certainly doesn’t all match, but hopefully as time goes on I can invest in some different storage containers. ¬†The two clear totes on the top shelf currently house what we lovingly called our “Junk Drawer” at our old house. ¬†We literally have NO drawers in our current rental home, so we have had to get creative with storage space. ¬†The polka dot bin houses cookbooks that aren’t frequently pulled out and the 31 tote on the bottom shelf has our winter gear.

CELL PHONE 4.10.15 598

The Weekly Menu Planner was purchased at the Dollar Spot a couple years ago when we first got married. ¬†It was a blessing to find something that could keep me organized in those early months. ¬†Joseph had a crazy job installing cable tv, and would sometimes come home after 10 pm. ¬†If I didn’t have something set for a menu, I would probably just make myself a box of macaroni every night and call it a day, but I had a hungry hubby to feed. ¬†I’m sure he appreciates this pad of paper more than he is aware of! ¬†The cute chevron and floral notepad on top of the menu planner is currently in the Dollar Spot at Target. ¬†I use this to write down recipes that I need to print from internet sources like Pinterest. ¬†I get a lot of my meal ideas from there.

CELL PHONE 4.10.15 599

This little cutie is a magnetic white board. ¬†It was one of the $3 items in the Dollar Spot and came with magnets on the back and a clip on marker. ¬†I’m storing the marker in the metal pail with the rest of my writing utensils currently. ¬†The magnet board gets stuck to the fridge so I can easily see what’s on the menu for the day and can pull out frozen meat or throw ingredients into the crock pot in the morning while I’m getting Junebug’s breakfast ready.

CELL PHONE 4.10.15 600 CELL PHONE 4.10.15 601

These file folders came in three packs for $1 per pack. ¬†I scooped up three packs with different patterns on them to have some variety. ¬†My goal is to make a monthly menu at the beginning of the month. ¬†Each of the folders labeled with a weekly menu will get the recipe cards or printed recipes that correspond with that week’s menu items. ¬†I’m hoping this brings some variety into our meal plan, since we seem to sometimes repeat meals from week to week.

CELL PHONE 4.10.15 603

This planner was actually purchased at the Dollar Tree, for $1 (another store I sorely miss in our new town).  I use this to plan out the monthly menu at the beginning of the month.

CELL PHONE 4.10.15 604

Since I’m anal¬†matchy, I got two sets of matching pens to go into this adorable metal pail and this cute little sticky notepad for little notes to go on recipes. ¬†I have a permanent marker stashed in there, too, from writing on my folders. ¬†This totaled at $4 for everything in the picture.

¬† Overall, I spent around $15 to set this station up. ¬†Now I can just grab the metal file folder bin, a couple cookbooks or my phone, bring it to wherever Junebug is playing and go to town on menu planning! ¬†Being cute and organized doesn’t need to cost a fortune!CELL PHONE 4.10.15 597