Make It Monday: Baby Doll Diapers

Make It Monday: Baby Doll Diapers

This was something that I had initially planned on doing for a gift for Junebug for her birthday or Christmas, but since Junebug has been thoroughly enjoying pretending to change her baby doll’s diapers lately, I thought I’d get some made now!  They also will fit in great with our theme for Tot School this week: Babies and Baby Animals!!!  I used a no-sew pattern from and purchased a cheap 12 pack of colored felt from Walmart.  Jess from Happy Together used SUPER fun patterned felt, but since we were also working on setting up for Tot School, our budget was a little smaller this week.  There are a TON of cute patterns out there on Pinterest, but since my sewing machine is buried right now in my cleaning/organizing/dejunkifying our life process, I chose to go for the no-sew option, otherwise it wouldn’t get done.  I’m pretty honest with myself occasionally lol

(I apologize for cell phone quality pictures… I really need to either replace the batteries in my good camera or find the charger for our point and shoot camera…. I haven’t come across either batteries or a charger in all the digging through boxes I’ve been doing lately though :/ )

IMG_20150606_213241511[1]edit IMG_20150606_215838415[1]edit

I ended up cutting out 11 diapers for Junebug’s baby and used the white sheet of felt to make some fabric wipes.  Since Junebug was cloth diapered and the plan is to cloth diaper with Pumpkin, I thought this would be fun for her to have multicolored diapers since that’s what she had 🙂


IMG_20150608_170354495[1]edit IMG_20150608_170829217[1]edit

I only had enough velcro on hand to make 8 diapers (purple one not shown since it was already being used by Junebug and her baby doll).  I initially wanted to put a long strip of velcro down the middle of the front to make the diapers more adjustable for more than one baby doll, but I had to make do.  Maybe the remaining three diapers will get a longer strip once I restock on velcro.

IMG_20150608_171453410[1]edit IMG_20150608_171104443[1]edit

Here is our lovely Maya (she was finally named today after months of being “baby doll”) wearing one of the new diapers.  Junebug was pretty amused that she had a diaper on but will need some guidance on learning how to properly use the diapers so she can change Maya herself.


My mother in law picked up a set of baby doll sized baby items at a rummage sale, including this cute little back pack diaper bag.  I stuffed the wipes in one side and the diapers in the backpack and Junebug had fun wearing it on her back around the house.  She was very excited to show off her new diapers to Dada when he got home from work.  I’m hoping these will be something fun that she’ll play with a lot since babies are a popular pass time around our house!  I tried getting an action shot of Junebug playing with Maya and the diapers, but she’s super active and my cell phone camera tends to take really blurry photos of her, so none of them were usable.

My plan is to have Junebug completely proficient in changing diapers by October so that I don’t have to lift a finger when Pumpkin gets here.  I think she’d be a great diaper changer, don’t you? (Wouldn’t that be so great?!?)

xoxo Megan and Junebug

Make It Monday: American Flag Vase

Make It Monday: American Flag Vase

Once again, I apologize for the late post.  I wasn’t sure what project to make yet, therefore didn’t have supplies… But I was hit with some inspiration from Pinterest yesterday and picked up the supplies today and whipped it with Junebug in a matter of minutes.  Yep.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.  That’s the kind of project I love the best!!!

For those of you that know me and my husband personally, you know that we’re a bit patriotic.  Our old living room set was navy and cream so our decor was going to be a rustic American style…. and then we moved and had to get new furniture.  We still have the decor, and since Memorial Day and the 4th of July are coming up, I decided that we would go with an America theme over the summer.  I love the muted tones of the rustic style decor vs the bright colors of the real flag.  It just feels more sophisticated for decor, so while looking on Pinterest I was trying to find something in that vein.  I came across this photo and thought, yep, that’s it!


(Photo from original blog post)

Honestly, I didn’t read the blog or see if it had instructions,  I recognized the types of beans used and the rest was pretty self explanatory.  I picked up two bags of each type of bean (Great Northern Beans, Kidney Beans, and Black Beans) and a big vase from Dollar General.  I loved the look of the jar used in the original photo, but since we’re on a budget and have limited options for stores here, I just grabbed the first thing that I saw that had a similar shape to it.  It only ended up being $3, so I was happy to settle for something that didn’t look exactly the same.

Junebug and I layered the beans together to create the striped effect.  Here’s our finished product.


I forgot to take during pictures.  By the time I remembered we already had most of the red and white layers done.  This is where the vase is hanging out for the summer!

DSCN1349edit DSCN1352edit

I think it ended up looking great up there on our entertainment center.  Junebug was super proud of it!  She really wanted to play with the beans, and since I had a half bag of each type of bean left over, I told her that Toddler Tuesday could be a sensory activity for her using the beans.  Now I just have to find a container to use, since we haven’t built her sensory table yet.

Next on my list for sprucing up the living room to be more American is to find some silk hydrangeas to put into my flag basket that is siting on the ledge of our “Tiki Bar” windowsill.  I keep thinking that it’ll look less awkward if there’s something cute there to distract from the shingled awning.  (I’ll have to take a picture of that once I get flowers in the basket, it really is quite an interesting addition to our living room)  The original blog I got the vase idea from has some REALLY COOL ideas as well that I may try to replicate, so we’ll see how that goes as well!  Keep an eye out for more American decor ideas!!! (How many times did I say “American”? haha)

xoxo Megan

Make It Monday: Glass Etching

Make It Monday: Glass Etching

Sorry for the belated Make It Monday!  We were busy recovering from our weekend away from home (aka catching up on cleaning) to do much in the way of computer work.

Our local library holds classes once a month where you can learn about new things or do a fun project.  I have been signing up for them to get out of the house on weeknights and for the off chance that I may meet a new friend, since we’re still pretty new to the area.  The first one I did was learning about Essential Oils.  This month’s was learning to do glass etching.  I made this photo frame at the class using my own artwork, based off of an idea I had seen on Pinterest (go figure!)

11209650_10102164906863288_7633035364222986411_n (1)

Let’s just say I came home with the desire to etch every glass surface in our house.

I channeled my obsession creativity and came up with a few ideas to use for gifts for Mother’s Day.  I went out and picked up my materials from Hobby Lobby and Walmart and was able to get the projects done pretty quickly the next morning while Junebug played nicely.

Materials used:

Armour Etch

Glass Olive Oil containers

Glass soap pumps

Letter stickers

Masking tape

Foam paint brush (although I recommend using a bristle brush because the foam brush wasted a lot of the cream)


I started out by cleaning the glass surfaces, since the Armour Etch can be effected by oils left on the glass.  I then applied the stickers (as straight as I could) and then framed around the stickers using masking tape.

DSCN1295edit DSCN1298edit

After that, I applied the Armour Etch to each glass item, leaving it on for roughly a minute or so.  The girl that taught the class said it really only needed to sit for 30 seconds, but it took longer than that to get the etching cream onto the other containers, so they just sat a bit longer.


I then rinsed off the etching cream under running water and removed the tape and stickers.


I gently dried them with a dish towel and they were all set to fill.

Unfortunately, the soap pumps did not work with the etching cream.  On the Armour Etch jar, it does warn that it may not work on some Pyrex containers.  The soap pumps were Anchor brand, which is a harder glass like Pyrex.  There was a bit of etching on the soap containers, but you certainly couldn’t see it unless you were looking REALLY hard for it.


I filled the soap pumps with some homemade hand soap (recipe found here: and then packaged up the empty dish soap containers and hand soap pumps into a cute little bag.  I left the dish soap container empty so they could use their preferred dish soap in them, but I filled up mine so we could test it out, and it turned out pretty stinkin’ cool if you ask me!  Now Hubby doesn’t put the bottle away after he’s done with dishes!  He prefers to have everything off the sink, which I tend to agree with, but the dish soap also serves as hand soap for me during the day, so to have it put away makes it difficult for me to wash my hands during meal prep or after changing a diaper.


My mom got hers this weekend and loved it!  My dad had actually brought up how they needed a new soap pump at dinner because theirs had stopped working and I just giggled to myself and knew it was coming 🙂  If you know my Mother in Law, she hasn’t gotten her gift yet… so don’t spill the beans on her gift!  We’re making our way back to their area for Memorial Day, so she’ll get hers then!!!

Make It Monday: Silky & Stretchy Dough

Make It Monday: Silky & Stretchy Dough

Today is Make It Monday!  I hadn’t initially planned on a post today, but since we’re going to be busy tomorrow with planting and SEEING OUR BABY, I decided that I’d make a quick project with Junebug and then post an update tomorrow with the in action for Toddler Tuesday.  We chose the recipe for Silky and Stretchy Play Dough and followed the instructions listed in the link below to make our own.  Apparently we hadn’t been traumatized too much by adventuring with new play dough recipes 😛  Junebug was not able to try this dough out today since we needed to run to the store to get more corn starch and I didn’t get a chance to add it until she was in bed.

This recipe is SUPER easy.  It requires only 2 ingredients, cornstarch and cheap hair conditioner.  I picked up a bottle today at the Dollar General while running errands and it could easily make 2 more batches of this dough.

2 cups cornstarch (I used more, probably closer to 2 1/4 cups cause it was really sticky)

1 cup conditioner (I chose coconut…. so our dough totally smells like sunscreen! AKA summer!!!)


Junebug definitely wanted to get in on the mixing fun, and she surprised me by asking to wear her apron while helping.  I obliged, because seriously, look how cute she is in it!  (And I love when she wants to wear things I’ve made for her!!!)


Lets just say, it must have been divine intervention that she asked to wear the apron…


We had a bit of a cornstarch explosion when we poured it into the bowl.  Next time, not as fast.  Junebug was a total trooper though!


We stirred it up and then realized we needed more cornstarch cause it was too sticky, so we covered our mixing bowl with saran wrap and sat down for lunch.

This recipe took no longer to make than cooking a box of macaroni.  😉  Super simple!  It’s nice to have a no cook recipe, since you don’t need to wait for it to cool before kneading it.  Seems like it’d be a great recipe to whip up on a crazy day where you need a quick activity for the kids!


Here is the finished product, just waiting for Junebug to squish her cute little fingers into tomorrow!  I’ll be sure to post an update again like last time with a review of the dough recipe.  Hopefully this one works out a little better for our family and doesn’t mold! Ew!

xoxo Megan

Make It Monday: Izzy Top

Make It Monday: Izzy Top

Today’s Make It Monday features the beautiful Izzy Top!  This top is the only pattern I’ve adventured with so far with making clothes for our lovely Junebug.  It’s simple, but so cute!!!  I’ve got more patterns printed, and I have a dress pattern cut out, but haven’t started it yet.

I’ve made a couple of these tops for Junebug already and I’m so in love with how adorable they are on her.  She loves helping me choose the fabric to use and gets the biggest kick out of putting it on for the first time!  When I put the top on her today, she said she looked like a “cess”, which is her version of princess.  ❤  How can a momma not just absolutely fall in love with making clothes for her kiddo when she says she looks like a princess!?!

I got the pattern and followed the tutorial for the Izzy top from the blog, Climbing the Willow, here:

She has a wonderfully detailed tutorial with photos that you can follow to make the Izzy Top!

Here are the Izzy Tops I’ve already made for Junebug.  The heart one I made for her Valentine’s day party for Storytime at the library.  The yellow floral one was the first one I made, upcycled out of a vintage pillow case!


Junebug wore the heart top for our pregnancy announcement as well 🙂

Without any further ado, here are the pictures of the finished Izzy Top that I sewed up today (during Junebug’s naptime)

DSCN1245edit DSCN1246edit

 (Front on left, back on right- features a snap closure on the bodice)

Here are the photos of Junebug putting the new top on for the first time.

DSCN1249edit DSCN1248edit

All of the Izzy Tops that I’ve made have been 2T.  The pattern ranges from 18 months- 6.  It fits pretty true to size 🙂  Somehow I got a weird tuck in the back that I’ll probably try to go back and fix so it lays correctly.  Junebug woke up just as I was trimming off all the extra threads and putting on the snap, so I wasn’t able to take the seam ripper to it.

I’m thinking the next time I make an Izzy Top, I may experiment and try to make it a bit longer, into a dress.  We want to keep Junebug’s summer wardrobe modest, even at almost 2, we’re trying not to dress her in dresses and tops with thin straps, especially for when we go to Mass.  I struggle to find summery dresses that don’t have thin straps on them, and I love the bodice of this top so much that it’s worth a shot to see if it’ll work for a dress!

Make It Monday: Baking Soda Play Dough

Make It Monday: Baking Soda Play Dough

As a momma, I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to keep my active toddler engaged in play.  There have been far too many days where we have turned to shows to entertain or keep Junebug busy so that we can get something accomplished.  I have multiple boards on Pinterest dedicated to entertaining my toddler…  I need to start pulling from them more frequently!

Today, Junebug and I decided that it was time to make some new play dough.  The last stuff we made was in December, and would probably have still been good, but hubby needed it to stabilize a bird feeder project he was working on.  So, I tried finding my tried and true play dough recipe from my daycare days.  No luck.  I turned to Pinterest, as usual, and found a new recipe to try out from, Baking Soda Play Dough.

We were missing an ingredient, which we also needed for dinner, so after a quick trip to the grocery store after Junebug’s nap, we got started!

The recipe itself only calls for 4 ingredients:  Baking soda- 2 cups, Corn Starch- 1 cup, Oil- 1 tbsp and Water- 1 1/2 cups


We chose to use the classic food dyes to color our dough, though in the original post she said she used the Wilton Gel Icing Colors.  I’ve used those for frosting before and LOVE them since they don’t seem to water down your frosting as much as the traditional food colors do, but my momma has those in her decor stash, so we made do.  I ended up loving the colors that we got using only about 5 drops for each color.


Mix all the ingredients together in a medium sauce pot, over medium heat.  Stir until it starts to thicken up and become sticky.  Remove from heat, cover and allow to cool.

Junebug LOVES to be a helper, so I put her up on the countertop to help me stir the mixture.  We take these moments to teach kitchen safety- (“The stove is hot, keep your fingers on the spatula, please.”)  She stirred until it started sticking together and then momma took over.


We let the dough cool for a while until it was cool enough to work with, and then kneaded it until it was smooth.


We have been enjoying reading the books Pinkalicious and Purplicious today, so we decided to color our dough pink and purple. Normally, we probably would have chosen green, since that seems to be Junebug’s favorite color these days.


Check in tomorrow, where Junebug gets to play with her new play dough!  I’m excited to see how it works out for her and how long it holds up.  My normal recipe lasts for months!

Update: roughly 2 weeks later, we pulled out this play dough to do some outdoor play, and it was moldy. I will definitely be finding my original recipe and will do another post to give you guys a recipe that will last longer.  What a bummer it was for Junebug to not be able to play with play dough!!!!  One sad kiddo.  Thankfully, crayons were an acceptable substitute!