Toddler Tuesday: Revenge of the Molars

Toddler Tuesday: Revenge of the Molars

Junebug and I have been laying low for the past day or so.  We did a LOT of driving over the weekend and by Sunday evening on the way home I was having contractions every 10 minutes and was majorly uncomfortable for the hour and a half drive home (we detoured to drive past some homes that were for sale)

So therefore, I put myself on couch duty and have been supervising Junebug as she plays independently or watches Sofia the First.  Today, after a day and a half of this, I think Junebug went a bit stir crazy.  We went out to Shopko (bleh… wish it were Target instead) to pick something up quick and when we pulled into the driveway the meltdown began.  Lunch was HELL.  She screamed the entire time and didn’t touch anything in front of her.  She’s usually a great eater so I was pretty confused as to why she wouldn’t eat her raviolis.

We eventually came to the conclusion that her next set of molars was coming in.  How dare you molars.  How dare you turn my sweet little blondie into the monster that sat next to me during lunch???  Not cool.  Now that we understand the issue and have remedied it with some medicine and snuggles, she’s back to her cute little self and inhaled her lunch and took a good nap (so did I lol).

Hoping for a good rest of the day, week, weeks… however long it takes for those bad boys to come in.  The first one came in without incident, so not sure what happened there… Wish us luck!!!!

XOXO Megan and Junebug ❤



I had a couple friends share my blog because of the freezer meal plan that I shared last week Wednesday and got a notification that my blog view stats are skyrocketing!  Thank you to those who have shared Tiny Little Graces’ blog posts,  I’m so happy to see the growth 🙂  Keep on sharing friends!  Super thankful for the help!!!

Toddler Tuesday: Kidz Town

Toddler Tuesday: Kidz Town

With the weather being a little too much on the warm side lately, we decided to set up an indoor play date with my friend and her daughter.  I was given the suggestion of going to Kidz Town, which is halfway between Kelly and I so it wasn’t a big drive for either of the girls.

We only paid a $5 admission for the girls and we got in free so that was super awesome! They said it was for all day too, so if we wanted to leave and go back later the same day we wouldn’t have to pay twice! What an awesome deal! We played for about 2 1/2 hours and ate lunch there. The girls had a blast! I’ll likely be bringing Junebug back there! Definitely worth the $5, especially with an indoor and outdoor play area!

Since I stay home with Junebug, she doesn’t get as much socialization as kiddos that attend daycare, so it was good for her to be with other kids and practice sharing.

IMG_20150728_122722451IMG_20150728_103222124 IMG_20150728_102355525 IMG_20150728_102228038 IMG_20150728_102054543 IMG_20150728_102032461 IMG_20150728_101348977

Xoxo Megan & Junebug ❤

Thankful Thursday: Helpful Hubby and Target Visit

Thankful Thursday: Helpful Hubby and Target Visit

Hubby has been taking classes towards a safety degree for work. He also has been shooting with an archery league after work some days. He’s a busy guy… Leaving for work around 5am and coming home after 5… He’s such a rock star at helping me with the cleaning when he’s home 🙂

I’m so grateful for his help, especially while I’m pregnant. Days get long, backs and bellies get sore, toddlers don’t cooperate… So having help is so nice 🙂

On another note, for those of you who are doing home school or tot school, the dollar section at Target is a goldmine for school stuff right now! Calendars, posters, weather charts, pocket charts…. I had to control myself, the excitement of a new selection, especially school stuff, was just what I needed after a hard week.


We ended up getting an alphabet chart, a weather chart, flag flashcards, kinetic sand and burlap letter stickers to use for practicing letters. I’m pretty pumped cause I’ve been looking for an alphabet chart at every Dollar Tree I can find when I’m out and about with Junebug 🙂

I’m excited to try out the kinetic sand with Junebug, especially since its beach week! She was awesome at the doctor visit today so I got her a special treat 🙂

Xoxo Megan

Thankful Thursday: Family and Friends

Thankful Thursday: Family and Friends

It’s been far too long… again…

Summer is so incredibly busy for us and I actually forgot I had a blog.  Mommy brain? Pregnancy brain? Summer brain? (one of those has to be a legit reason lol)

After spending 5 months in a new town in winter, I was starting to get homesick for the life our little family had left behind. I still miss things, like the convenience of going shopping and not having to drive a half hour to get places, having my friend, Kelly, live 5 blocks away and going on summer walks with her, the whoosh of the highway in my backyard (yes, I know, I’m crazy… it’s like a white noise machine for me after growing up with it)

I’ve welcomed summer and what feels like a new life here in our new town.  I’ve been seeing my new friends more frequently and I feel like there is something going on every. single. weekend.  (Which is good and bad I guess)

A lot of our summer craziness has been spent with family and friends- Junebug’s second birthday, camping on the weekend, festivals, etc.  I’m definitely thankful for that!  We may feel a little stretched and sometimes come out of a weekend wondering if we got to relax at all, but seeing family and friends on a more regular basis has been good for me.  I think Junebug is definitely soaking it up.

So, I’m sorry if I’m gone more frequently… I’ll try to be better!

If I’m don’t, well, have a great summer! 🙂

xoxo Megan

Make It Monday: Big Girl Room Decor

Make It Monday: Big Girl Room Decor

We never have really decorated Junebug’s bedroom. Mainly because we have been moving around and haven’t truly settled into a home. This is our third home since Junebug’s birth nearly 2 years ago. Since I seem to be nesting on and off I decided to take advantage and make some decor for Junebug’s bedroom. The piece I’m sharing today is the only one I’ve gotten completed, although I still need to get a photo frame and a newborn photo of Junebug’s to complete the project in its entirety.


I found a cute nursery photo that I’m using for inspiration for Junebug’s room (and will add coordinating decor for the new baby should we end up putting them in the same room).

I saw in the photo a cute wall display using the baby’s initial and newborn photos in coordinating frames. I picked up a letter C and some lilac colored acrylic paint at Walmart and got started.


I found a matching scrapbook paper and gathered my materials.


I painted the edge of the letter with the lilac paint.


I applied a thin layer of mod podge and laid it on the white side of the scrapbook paper.

I carefully cut around the letter using an xacto knife.


After flipping it over, I added another thin layer of mod podge to the top, to protect the paper from wear.

I plan on painting a plain frame with the lilac acrylic paint and putting one of Junebug’s tutu newborn photos in the frame and then hanging them on the wall together. She wore a purple tutu in her newborn photos so that’s what I’m basing her “color” off of. I have a pink tutu made for Pumpkin if baby is a girl, so I will do pink decor and a pink letter for a girl. A boy will get a teal frame and wear a onesie with a teal tie or suspenders added to it for newborn photos.

The goal is to make super chic princessy type decor for Junebug. She is all about princesses, but I don’t really want to put actual characters in there so her room can grow with her. I can’t wait to make more decor and actually put things up in her room! 🙂

Xoxo Megan

MIA Momma

MIA Momma

Hey friends, I have been a bit MIA lately.  Since Junebug’s second birthday is approaching, I’ve been busy setting up plans for not only her party, but for Tot School.  If you’re not familiar with Tot School, it’s basically the toddler version of homeschooling.  Since we plan on homeschooling our kiddos, we thought it might be a good idea to get Junebug used to doing schooling with me at home.  Since she isn’t in daycare during the day, she doesn’t get some of the same experiences that other kiddos get, which definitely isn’t a bad thing, but I wanted to start helping her learn some concepts and make use of all of the daycare stuff that is cluttering our basement from the years I was teaching daycare.

Currently, Junebug and I are working on a Pond Theme.  We’ve been having fun learning about the animals that live in ponds and even took a trip to the zoo with a couple of our friends to look at some real life pond animals!!  We’ve been reading lots of pond related stories and I’ve got some tot trays set up with little activities for Junebug to work on, which I will try to share next week on Toddler Tuesday.

I’m trying not to make too much of a theme schedule, as I’m trying to pick up on Junebug’s interests.  It’s helpful to only be observing one child’s interests vs a large group like in a daycare class.  She’s been very interested in helping out with babies (feeding them, changing them, pushing them in strollers) and Lux’s care lately (playing in her food, putting her into her kennel and taking her out when we we leave the house) so I thought a Baby Theme and a Pet Theme would be fun for her.  I’ve been busy pinning to secret boards I have set up on Pinterest (I do secret boards so I don’t overwhelm people with the volume of pins I pin in one sitting, not because I’m stingy with my ideas lol)  and working on organization of our playroom to accommodate Tot School.

I’m thinking of using my spending money this month to buy a laminator so that our Tot School activities hold up for not only Junebug, but for future kiddos that will likely play with them too!  Otherwise, I’ll put what I can in the plastic binder page protectors to keep those in good shape.  Hopefully I can find something in my budget that will be a good investment!

Until next time!

xoxo Megan and Junebug