Thankful Thursday: Free Patterns

Thankful Thursday: Free Patterns

Lately, my pregnancy induced insomnia has been teaming up with my crafters obsession to create some late night sewing parties.  I mean ‘crawling into bed at 2am and still not being tired’ type of insomnia.  I’ve had a couple of those nights recently and have decided that I may as well make the most out of them and get going on sewing up a few new pieces for Junebug’s wardrobe.

Currently, I’m compulsively combing through the blogs of some awesome designers with some SUPER cute little girls and some SUPER cute sewing patterns and tutorials.  These designers have patterns for sale as well as FREE PATTERNS!

I have to admit, I LOVE free stuff. Love it. Free patterns make my heart all fluttery and ok, seriously, it may be a problem.  These ladies are enabling me.

BUT SERIOUSLY.  When your kiddo gets excited when there are new clothes for her to wear in the morning, and says “Oh my goodness” in her sweet little voice and twirls around in her little dresses….. you cant help but to want to keep getting different fabrics and patterns and sewing until the wee hours of the night.

Junebug and I did a photo shoot yesterday with her newest pieces.  She’s just so proud of them, and so am I!  I’ve never been a pattern follower (for knitting or for sewing)… things just magically somehow came together when I would wing it.  But these free patterns and tutorials have been a lifesaver.  There’s very little guesswork involved (unless it’s a self drafted pattern- which I haven’t attempted yet) and they turn out sooooooo perfectly because their instructions are AWESOME.

So this Thankful Thursday, I’m thankful for the ladies that have put in their time and effort to provide these tutorials and patterns for us crafty mommas who love to sew for their littles.

Check out these amazing ladies!

Here are some photos from our little photo shoot.  Obviously not professional level by any means of the imagination, but at least they were done one a REAL camera, not with my nonfunctional cell phone camera! (Seriously, I have to stop dropping my phone. I swear that’s the problem)

DSCN1411 DSCN1412 DSCN1417 DSCN1418 DSCN1423 DSCN1428 DSCN1430 DSCN1431

I do apologize for the fact that some photos are sideways, as they weren’t edited before I put them up due to trying to beat the nap clock.  I will try to do edits tonight after Junebug goes to bed.  By the way, the pink dress…. Yeah, it’s a JUNEBUG dress.  That’s literally the name of the dress.  How appropriate!?  She’s likely going to wear that dress to our family reunion this weekend, unless I have another insomnia/craft obsessed night before Saturday and whip up a cute little sundress out of this super cute hawaiian print pillow case my aunt found for me.  I think that’d be fun.  Great, now I’ve just given my evening away 😉