Thankful Thursday: This One Guy and Pickles

Thankful Thursday: This One Guy and Pickles

Those of you who are friends with me on Facebook may have seen my recent status update asking for friends to fess up about giving my toddler caffeine before bedtime tonight.  Junebug has been telling tales of Mary Poppins, Jesus, Boompa and pickles for about an hour now… Enthusiastically I might add.

Enter this one guy…. I call him my hubs.

He was out tonight with a buddy from work sighting in his new bow so he’s been gone for the entirety of bedtime.  But he is totally my knight in shining armor… Not only did he bring me home a GALLON of pickles (HELLO cliche pregnancy craving) but he also is taking a turn trying to tame the storytelling beast that is our daughter.  God bless him.

Thank you hubs!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, I’m thankful for pickles today.

Mainly the juice, because I’ve recently learned that pickle juice helps tame acid reflux and heartburn.  Apparently the vinegar in the juice neutralizes the acid.  Totally awesome.  I love finding natural remedies for ailments, especially during pregnancy.  I hate the idea of putting anything “unnatural” into my body while I’m growing another human being.  It just really doesn’t sit right for me.  A friend and a cousin both clued me in on the pickle juice trick (cause I couldn’t stop eating venison hot sticks with jalapenos in them).  I was skeptical, but willing to try it… and boy was it worth it.  It does come with a side effect for me, which is an uncontrollable craving for pickles, which is probably why Junebug was chatting about them instead of going to bed. I may or may not have finished a jar of Milwaukee pickles today that I bought on Tuesday.  (Hence the gallon of pickles hubs brought home lol)

Since learning about this, it has not only helped me with heartburn, but TWO of my pregnant cousins also let me know that it really helped, too!  Pickle companies are going to put heartburn medications out of business at this rate 😉

xoxo Megan